25 May #1 DIY: Home-made Shea Butter Lip Balm

Dear Readers,

I have been wishing for so long to make my own things, such as beauty products and finally I started off a couple of days ago with the simple recipe of a lip balm. I was certain that there is a cheaper way than L’occitane’s Shea butter lip balm that costs £8.50. That is how I decided to give it a try and was not only very pleased with the result but figured that it is a very simple recipe that anyone can follow.

For this particular product I was using Neal’s Yard Remedies book* as a reference and I must add that I really like reading the book and browsing through the various recipes and advices. It is my best companion and I adjusted the recipe for my needs, however, the main ingredients remain the same and you can always add the scents that suit you best.

What do you need?

Shea ButterIn order to make this lip balm I firstly needed the vital ingredients which I bought in G. Baldwin & Co. and EARTH Natural foods. The main ingredient (for me) was unrefined Shea butter that I bought at Baldwins’. The company that makes the butter is called Laughing Bird and it will cost you £5.79 for 120 ml for pure and unrefined version. It is useful not only for the lips, but basically for any kind of eczema and rashes, dermatitis, skin on the elbows that can get dry etc. This Shea butter has a very natural and nutty aroma and a not too solid and yet easy to apply texture. I found that it doesn’t melt in your hands and is not as crumbly as a coconut butter. In addition to that, you need a lip balm tin, which costs 0.39p and stores for up to 15ml. You can find it at Baldwins’ as well.

BeeswaxThe next product that is of vital importance for moisturising your skin is Beeswax. You can buy it in blocks, but I was advised that it is better to buy them as pellets since it is much easier and quicker to melt them this way. 100g of the yellow beeswax will cost you £6.19 and it is made by the G. Baldwin & Co. themselves.

Coconut oilFurthermore, you need coconut oil, which I bought at EARTH Natural foods and paid £9.99 for a 500ml jar. I mainly use of it for several natural home remedies, beauty products and less often for cooking. Try using it when making pancakes, instead of a regular oil – if you’re a coconut enthusiast, you will love it! It is a great vegan oil and above that it has incredible benefits for your skin: it helps your skin to maintain hydration as well as enrich the dry skin. For me it’s an absolute MUST have.

Last, but not least is Calendula, many know it under a name Marigold. Calendula is widely known for its many wonderful effectsCalendula, including digestive difficulties, inflamed skin, sunburns and even for menstrual problems. I used it to help dry skin as well as its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is one of the herbal remedies that is so widely used and stretches through so many various areas of healing that is in my top of the must-have-herbs for use at home. I bought it in EARTH Natural Foods and it cost me only £1 per 100g. A great deal! 🙂 Since I didn’t have the Calendula tincture, I made a really strong infusion of the dried flowers.


First you melt all the oils in the bain-maire style. It takes a while for the beeswax to melt so be patient 🙂 While you wait for the oils, you can prepare other ingredient(s), in my case Calendula “tincture”. When the oils have melted, put the drops of the tincture in the mixture. My “tincture” was cold and since the oil mixture was hot, the mixture wasn’t completely smooth, so keep mixing the mixture until smooth or as smooth as you can, as it was in my case. After that, you just pour the mixture into a lip Balm Tin and ta-da, you’re done! But watch it – you need to pour it straight away since the wax begins to get solid as soon as you remove it from the heat and the texture of my current lip balm isn’t completely smooth. It still does the job, only the surface is slightly “rocky” 🙂 After that wait for the balm to get solid and cool down and only then place the lid on. I had just a perfect amount for a 15ml tin, however, in a recipe it said that the ingredients are gonna make for 80g which happened to be incorrect. It is true that I didn’t add all of the ingredients that were in the recipe, but I only left out 1 – 2ml and that wouldn’t make a difference in terms of quantity.

Lip balmThere you go, here is my product. As in terms of the recipe, the ingredients are of absolute must for anyone that loves Shea butter but is searching for other healthy ingredients and alternative recipes of combining them together. You can always make the lip balm just with the Shea Butter. The product is perfect for the nature lovers, since it doesn’t have any special scents besides Shea butter. I like to keep it simple. The only thing in this recipe that didn’t work out is the amount of the final product: I got 15ml and I was supposed to get around 80ml (that is cca. 80ml) which is 5 times less of a quantity than I was supposed to get. I will make this and other recipes in the future and will pay attention to that and report it back to you.

Hope you all enjoyed it and I’ll write again soon. Please do share any of your similar experiences with home made (beauty) products.


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*Curtis, S., Green, L., Ody, P. & Vilinac, D. (2011). Neal’s Yard Remedies: Cook, Brew, and Blend your own herbs. London: DK.