23 May #1 Review: EARTH Natural Foods, Kentish Town

I decided to make a review of this bio and organic health food store that I came Earth Natural Foodsacross. This one has been my favourite for a while now and reasons for that are listed below.

Firstly, it is located a short 5 minute walk from the tube Kentish town, Northern line (High Barnet branch). It is easily spotted and located on the corner and as you can see from the picture, you really can’t miss it. Even from the outside you can see some of the beauty products and a beautiful tree outside corresponds with the natural products in the store.

The first thing when you enter the store you see a huge variety of herbs and spices. Herbs and spicesAbsolutely phenomenal if you have such cravings for herbs as me. They have everything from black, white and red peppers to the elderflower, sage, star anise, vanilla pods, lavender, calendula/marigold. So basically all of the essential stuff for us “herbies” and those who loves spices. What is more, there are some seeds and beans and you can weigh everything so you know what to expect when you get to the till. All the prices are per 100 grams and a couple of them are the cheapest that I’ve found so far. For instance, 100g of lavender costs £2.20, whereas in G. Baldwin & Co. it will cost you £6.75 and Calendula/Marigold is only £1 and at Baldwins’ it will cost you £4.39. Now, I haven’t bought these herbs at Baldwins’ just yet so I can’t make a comparison about the quality of the products, however, if you’re on a budget, you’ll probably think twice since the difference in the price is huge.

They have a variety of grocery products, teas and beauty products. Nuts and seedsHonestly, I’ve seen better selection of the products but given the fact that the store is small I think it is well supplied. Another big plus is definitely the selection of seeds, nuts and fruits which works in the same way as the spices and herbs selection. On the opposite side of this section you have a range of coffees to choose from (you can even grind it yourself) and a variety of green and black teas to choose from. For me that’s great since you can weigh as little as 25g (or, obviously, even less) and don’t need to buy big packages such as 100g in case you realise you don’t really like that flavour of the tea.

Furthermore, I especially liked their selection of bio and organic cheese and desserts they make. I believe I’ve eaten the tastiest and healthiest carrot cake in a shape of a tea cake and it was only £1.35. And the slice was a generous one. I definitely recommend you to try it when you’re there. They make all sorts of muffins, tarts, almond and lemon flavours and chocolate cakes as well. I wasn’t able to get a photo of this because store was already closing and all the goodies were long gone 🙂

ProduceAnother big plus for those who love to cook and like eating veggies and fruits is the produce selection. I’ve found a spinach, asparagus, lettuce and courgettes that actually taste like ones. And since I grew up with a big garden and home grown vegetables I do have an idea on how vegetables should taste like. As for the prices, I believe it is once again a big plus for customers. For example, for a big head of lettuce you’ll pay £1.95 and in the Whole Foods Market it costs you £2.29. However, bare in mind that it is not exactly the same type of lettuce. In addition, spinach costs £1.50 which I don’t think is much since it is really really tasty.

To sum up, I strongly suggest you pay a visit to this store even if it means going that extra mile or tube ride. The biggest pros are: (1) the selections and really low prices of herbs & spices, nuts & seeds, coffee & teas, (2) tasty and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables and (3) pastry that tastes good and healthy at the same time.

I hope you will find this store as joyful and friendly to both your wallet and health as I did. Hopefully this review has given you some insight on the store and please share any of your experiences with this or any other store.


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