Two simple ways to become friends with fear

28 Mar 2 Simple Ways to Make Friends with Fear

Hello my lovely life lover,

How was your Monday? šŸ™‚

I’ve been thinking what to write about on my Tuesday #EmotionalDetox day, and the answer was quite simple: fear!

Why do we feel scared of everything new? Every situation that is different or unpredictable? That is precisely the reason: because we don’t know the outcome. And the more we like security, be it financial, or in a relationship, and the more we like planning, the more stressed and scared we will be of anything that we cannot control.

And going into the unknown not just scares us, it paralyses us! Despite the fact that we want that (open our own business, for instance), it scares every cell of our wellbeing.And oftentimes this fear can stop us, alongside with our thoughts. “What if it won’t work? What if I’ll lose everything? What if I won’t earn enough?”

There are two immediate ways of dealing with this quickly and easily:

Number 1: What If you turn your What ifs around? What I mean is, instead of expecting the worst and thinking catastrophic thoughts, think about what can go right! So, to flip around the question above, they would go like this: “What if it works? What if I gain so much and become insanely abundant? What if I will earn more than I expect?” How does that make you feel? šŸ™‚ It gives you a new perspective and you can attract better things in your life this way.

Number 2: Accept the fear and do it anyway. Make a plan, get resourceful and really stand behind your choice. It will still be scary, and it is normal to feel the fear. But it is your choice whether you will let fear stop you, or you will continue pursuing your dream.

You get to choose whether you will live your fears or your dreams!

Wishing you a super lovely rest of the week šŸ™‚

Lots of love,


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