17 Jun #3 DIY: Super rich 100% Natural Coconut Shower Gel

Dear all,

It’s been a while and I’m coming back with a one time showering formula that I came across when experimenting today. I know it’s jut a one time quantity and you’ll need to do it everyday but it’s so quick and simple that it only takes 5 minutes. It’s hard to believe it’s simplicity and makes you wonder why on earth do we keep buying all the chemicals? I know that I am using this one and I’m no longer buying the so called “natural” shower gels for which you need a chemistry dictionary to understand the list of ingredients. Not to mention that my skin feels smooth and rejuvenated. I especially recommend this recipe for anyone with dehydrated and/or dry skin (but others will benefit from it as well).

What do you need?

– Coconut butter – Calendula/Marigold dried flowers – Dried Lavender

Coconut butter is well known for its moisturising properties. It is interesting that there’s so much information and recipes on coconut oil but not about the butter. Most of the time you hear about the Coconut oil which we can use in so many ways (cooking, cosmetics, health conditions) that it’s a must have ingredient for anyone who loves natural and/or coconut flavour. Coconut butter has slightly different structure: it is very solid, has more firm structure and on your skin it feels like a gentle scrub, unlike coconut oil that is completely smooth when applied to the skin. I use it only as a part of the suppositories that I’m making for balancing the vaginal flora when having infections. I bought Biona Organic Coconut oil which can be bought in any organic health food store.DSC_0439[1]

Calendula/Marigold flower that will heal and repair your skin is one of the best herbs you can have at home. It is used from repairing the skin, healing wounds, gums and relieving the symptoms of PMS to being used as a vaginal douche for thrush (in different forms). For a more detailed description and where to buy it, see my Post #1 DIY.

The all time favourite, for some too mainstream is lavender. I added it not only due its aroma but it’s calming effect on the body and mind.

Preparation time

5 minutes


Very simple. Boil 0.4 – 0.5 water and pour it over one tbsp Lavender and one tbsp Calendula. Leave it to steep for five minutes, then strain it through a tea strainer (alternatively you can use an unbleached tea bag) into a clean jar/mug. Add one tbsp of Coconut butter and whisk. And then enjoy. I only used half of it for the shower, and the other (only Lavender and Calendula) for the vaginal douche. If you want a thicker blend, you can always either add more coconut butter or pour less water.


I was so surprised and amazed to discover that it was not only enriching for skin due to the coconut and Calendula but the structure felt kinda like a shower gel and not watery it seems at first. For me it was just the right thickness and felt like a very gentle scrub to the skin. After drying myself with a towel, my skin smelt wonderfully and it was soft like a skin of a baby.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the results and hope you’ll find showering as joyous and wonderful with these natural and organic ingredients as I did today. I will keep you posted on any new recipes and improvements. 🙂

“Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life” – Omar Khayyam


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