13 Sep #5 Review: The making of and burying of the Fire Cider in the dirt (:

Dear nature lovers,

And it is already Sunday. I’ve been meaning to post this after last Sundays’ workshop but I’ve been a busy bee 🙂 Anyway, I attended the last workshop by Gone Wild Herb this summer which was all about supporting the immune system and happened at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. This one was the most interesting and fun for me! 🙂 We learnt why elderberry is good, what is Fire Cider and how to make it (and most importantly, why it is essential to bury it in the ground!) and did a herbal testing in the beginning. Not only that, we even buried it in the ground! Read on for the photos and details. After the “hard work” by every attendee chopping garlic, onions, ginger etc, some of us treated ourselves with a beer and a great pizza made by Dalston garden staff.Immune support syrup
So, we firstly chopped and prepared the goodies for the Elderberry syrup. We had harvested elderberries, yarrow (very good for sluggish circulation!) and various spices such as cinnamon (antiviral, has warming properties and on top of that, smells amazing :), cardamom, star anise and cloves. There is a possibility we added more of the herbal goodies inside, but my focus was on the phenomenon called Fire Cider. Anyhow, after placing everything in a pot, we were gently simmering the ingredients for approximately 30 minutes.

And this is the “notorious” Fire Cider in action! Preparing Fire CiderThe name itself tells you that it’s made of Cider Vinegar and that it is on fire! Why? Because of the various ingredients that will support your immune system, such as chillies, onions, garlic (the best natural antibiotic ever), wild horseradish (great for sinuses!), turmeric, ginger and some herbs such as rosemary, sage, oregano and chives. It will be especially wonderful and strengthening for our immune system because it is a contribution of every single attendee of Sundays’ workshop. It was really nice seeing everyone participating so openly and relaxed. Everyone seemed to choose the one vegetable he/she related to mostly. For me that was ginger. I love it! I like to grate it into my green tea and it makes miracles when I feel that cold is trying to imbalance my immune system by firstly crawling in and making a sore throat. Preparing Fire ciderTry it when having very sore throat, it really helps 🙂

On the second pictures there’s a finished Fire Cider filled with vinegar. Now, why am I constantly talking about this Fire Cider and what makes it so special?

Well, after this, it is not even nearly done. The most important part comes straight after you top up the jar. It includes a shovel.

Firstly, you need to bury it in the ground (yes, you’ve read correctly). Why? I would assume that the Earth does something that air and/or water can’t and contributes something extra to the quality of the Fire Cider. I’ve done some quick research on my friend Google who says that this way, the mixture gets more extracted as if left above ground. After a month it is dug up to celebrate the interchange of Summer into Autumn. I didn’t learn much more, since I unfortunately discovered, after visiting 6 different websites, that their information was just copied and pasted. However, I have learnt that it is an incredible cold and flu tonic that will boost your immune system up to the rooftop.

Actually, first you need to make room for a jar in the ground. We buried it (Rasheeqa did all the hard work, digging with a shovel) in the Dalston Garden between Rhubarb and Raspberry. I hope it’s still there 🙂 That would be something right? Trying to get the jar out and it would be gone. Hm, now when I think about it, there were some people who looked rather suspicious. Fingers crossed they haven’t finished our Fire cider just yet. 🙂

Rasheeqa Gone Wild Herbs Fire cider

Preparing our big jar to go into the darkness …

Fire cider

.. and gently placing it in the ground where it is hugged by roots …

Fire cider in the ground

… and for the last part, getting the dirt over it and as such bury it. Bye bye Fire Cider, see you in a bit!

Fire cider burying

… and after a month you bring it back to the light and add honey. We are doing the “bring back Fire Cider to the light” ceremony on our last drop-in this Thursday, 17th September in Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. It will be buried for approximately two weeks but I’m pretty sure the Earth will do the job. Can’t wait to see how this Fire Cider will start fire in my belly! 🙂

After the burial of Fire Cider it was time to get back to the Elderberry (and other wonderful herbs and spices) and make a syrup. Here are some photos on how we did that 🙂

On the first one you can see that we’ve had quite a lot of material to deal with. The smell was amazing, exactly like mulled wine 🙂

Immune support syrup_funnel

We also had a lot of helpers, as you can see from the picture below 🙂 We sieved the material through a muslin cloth.

Gone Wild Herbs Immune support syrup

And here is the final product, we named it the “Elder power” 🙂 It is very yummy and simple! After sieving all the goodies, all you need to do is add the sugar or honey (completely up to you) and ta-da, here’s your immune support syrup.

Elder power Gone Wild Herbs

On top of that, we also received a couple of papers, including the recipes of the products we did on our workshop and other useful information on the support of the immune system. All in all, I really loved this workshop, a lot of information, actions and fun! Way to go Gone Wild Herbs! 🙂

Recipes gone wild herbs immune support

That’s about it for the workshop. I’ll let you know how did the Fire Cider turn out. It is really exciting, because I have never tried anything remotely like it and I know it contains only the amazing stuff for the support of the immune system.

And here is a little something I’ve been up to. Today I’ve had a stall at the St. James Big Local Jumble trail where people usually find great bargains of clothes, DVDs, books and other stuff people don’t need/want anymore. It is a very interested approach: you just need to register your stall and its location and that anyone who is searching for great bargains have the access to the map and can just follow directions. Pretty cool right? I decided I have way too many wonderful cosmetics and this is how my stall looked like 🙂

WorldNaturelle natural cosmetics

These are just some of my products, my next promotion will be this THURSDAY 17th September at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden (Overground Dalston Kingsland or Dalston Junction) when we have a last drop-in session with Gone Wild Herbs between 6.30 and 8.30pm. Spread the word, the more the merrier! Everyone is welcome and since I’m trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, I encourage everyone to grab a jar or two that they don’t need in their kitchen anymore (especially 10ml – 80ml), and bring it as I need as many as possible. For that, you’ll get a discount on my products. 🙂

All in all, I’ve had a great time at the workshop, learning new things, meeting great people and being a part of true herbies. Have a wonderful start of this week and see you this Thursday at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden!

Make time for yourself. To be aware of yourself. To listen to what your body is trying to tell you. To breathe. To just be. You.” – Tina Suklje


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