12 Oct #6 Review: WorldNaturelle products by UniqaPoly

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It seems a bit odd for me to be writing about the review of my own products. Nevertheless, here are some photos and the link to a review, which is accessible on her UniqaPoly’s blog and a Facebook page. The blog of UniqaPoly consists of cosmetics reviews and her hand made jewellery. A great place to find the information whether or not a certain product is suitable to purchase and most importantly, suitable for your needs. 🙂 This time, my products where under her professional eye. One of her opinions is that:  “It’s a really interesting twist to anything I have tried so far, plus it’s all natural.” Further below you can read why is that 🙂

Worldnaturelle reviewHere are just some of the excerpts with photos and a full review on her blog. Enjoy the reading and I hope this encourages you to try my natural products and gives you an idea on what to buy for your family and friends this Christmas season 🙂 Thank you UniqaPoly for this lovely review, amazing photos and keep enjoying your natural products 🙂


“…Why is it so interesting and special? The products are 100% natural,  organic, handmade  and eco-friendly. They are stored and packaged in recycled, reused packaging. They are made with love for nature and contain no chemicals, additives …”

Worldnaturelle review

“… Packaging – I usually write about a specific packaging for every product but this time I wanted to write about it separately and highlight the fact that all packaging is recycled, reused and lives up to the expectations of someone who is a true nature lover! /…/ everything is handwritten! Yes, handwritten, not printed! It doesn’t get any more personal than that! It simply states the mind set and soul of it’s creator and by the way, I love her handwriting!…”


“… First product I have tested was this Reviving Lavender all – in – one body scrub! … This product is a bit different than the others I have tried as it can be used in three different ways. /…/ I admit, I have been using it for all of the  above mentioned! …”DSCN4813

“… The second product I have tried has become easily one of my favourite cosmetic products of all time! Really, I mean it! I love this Rich Lavender body balm! …  It’s as the name already suggests a really nourishing product that can be used all over your body! It’s creamy, rich and spreads easily /…/ Also it’s a very good body balm to use after shaving your legs for example, as it helps regenerate your skin and make it nourished and silky smooth. …”

UniqaPoly and Lavender balm WorldNaturelle

Lavender body balm Worldnaturelle“… Another product that has taken residence on my desk is Calendula & Shea Kiss lip balm. /…/ it’s got a hard texture and I usually just help myself get it out with my nails, just enough for a tip of a knife and spread it on my lips with the help of my fingers. Once it melts on my lips it’s got a light texture, it’s not sticky, it feels comfortable. It gives my lips  a bit of shine, until the product sinks into the lips. Also can be used as a lip balm or as a remedy for any other dry patches you might have anywhere on your body. /…/ It’s a great product especially for colder months and a great first aid remedy. /…/ As for the lips, they seem to really like this lip balm, it’s gentle, non greasy and effective….”

UniqaPoly review Worldnaturelle

“… You can choose from four different ones – I have tried two, the other two are Lavander shower gel and Refreshing Orange/Bergamot shower gel.  /…/ The Coconut & Lavander one smelled really lovely and nourished my skin really well, no greasy residue on my skin, just slightly scented smooth skin. The second one I have tried, the Peppermint one, smelled like heaven, really refreshed me and woke up my senses.


Thank you UniqaPoly for your time and effort, WorldNaturelle will be more than pleased to share more of the lovely natural products with you! 🙂

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