5 steps to beat feeling helpless and hopeless

07 May 5 Steps to Stop Feeling Helpless

Hello lovely person,

How was your weekend? 🙂 It’s seems like a while since I’ve written a blog post with helpful tips for you lovely ladies! This time I’m writing about something really common that everyone experiences at one or several points in their lives: it’s feeling helpless. You know that moment when you just feel helpless, like there is no hope, no light and kind of depressed?

I so so get you! I’ve been there so many times and it’s a really heavy feeling, and very disempowering. I recall one event that made me crumble on the floor. That was few years ago when I had a severe back pain and sciatica, and it would not go away. I was simply devastated and felt complete and utter despair. It was like I couldn’t do anything to help myself, I was in pain and my health wasn’t improving at all. I hit the rock bottom.

But once I was down there, I found an amazing book that turned my life upside down (by John E: Sarno: Healing Back Pain)! I realised, as I read on, that I in fact hold the power to heal myself just by recognizing something I’ve been ignoring and not wanting to deal with at the time – for me it was staying at a job I really didn’t like. I found the power within to overcome my limited beliefs about what I can or cannot do, and trust me, I was the biggest sceptic there was when it came to healing yourself with the power of the mind! If you’re interested in reading my Personal Journey to Healing my Back Pain and Sciatica, click here.


How can you help yourself when you feel helpless and down?


1.Well first of, relax and breathe.

You can meditate or just take a couple of deep breaths.


2.Stop thinking about all of your ‘fails’

This is not helping you and will never help you to become stronger, more positive, healthier and successful woman. I know it’s so easy to fall into the trap of reminding yourself about yet another thing you didn’t achieve (trust me, I’ve been there!), but the truth is that this is not helping you. Not now, not tomorrow or any other day!


3.One thing that really helps me is reminding myself that when I have a ‘down day’, is that it is absolutely normal to feel like a failure, to feel disempowered and to have all of those limited beliefs about your worth come to the surface.

You may be asking yourself right now “Is she suggesting I feel helpless?!?” And my answer is “No”, but it has in fact been debated so many times that when we feel low and helpless, and/or when we are sick, that all of our limited beliefs about ourselves (such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’ll never be able to do this!’) just come crippling in! And just by being aware of this, you will feel so much better and will learn to just ignore the voices in your head. Because you know why you have them and that today is really not a day to decide whether or not you should open a business or start an online course. Just swipe them off and take step number 4.


4.Give yourself a break and take time for yourself

You can either take some time off, rest, or do anything that is really one of your favourite things to do: taking a walk, watching a movie, go for a run, do yoga, dance, get creative. It will take your mind off and this can really help to shift your perception! 🙂


5.Love yourself for who You are

… And, give yourself a hug! 🙂 This helps so so much with our self love! And this is especially for those of you who always feel that you don’t get enough affection from your partner, family or friends. Giving yourself love is an amazing and very healing habbit – I do it every day 🙂


What do you think lovely? These steps have helped me and several of my clients to just nail this feelings of helplessness and turn our ‘helpless’ situation to work FOR us, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves and hoping that these feelings would disappear.

I would love to hear from you how you get on with these tips – did they work for you? What do you do when you feel like you can’t do anything?  What is your recipe? 🙂

I’m sending lots of love to you lovely, and I’ll be typing to you soon!

Tina xx

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