I can’t do this.


I suck.


Who am I to do this?


I’m not good enough.


I’m not confident enough.


I don’t have enough experiences.


I’m not smart enough.


I’m not ______ enough.
 You have this INSANELY great idea about having your own business or are just starting it off but it feels like you just can’t make it happen?


 You don’t believe in yourself and don’t feel confident enough that you can in fact help others and succeed?


  Frustrated because you want to escape these thoughts  and start living the life you deserve?


 Stuck / helpless / powerless / in despair?
One or two?



ALL of them?!?
Warrior-goddess with Tina Suklje
You see, what you think about and what you believe in
is a DIRECT RESULT of how you feel, what kind of actions you take,
what kind of relationships you have and ultimately whether or not you go after your
GORGEOUS purpose!
Your self-confidence, your believing in yourself (or a lack of!), your finances, your relationships and
your career are a
direct result of your thoughts and belief system.
I healed my Back Pain and sciatica just with the POWER of my mind.
How efin insane and nuts is that?!?
So how did I even come across the idea that the mind is powerful?


Enough of a shitty and manipulative relationship.
Enough of playing it small.
Enough of hoping and wishing that some day things will change.
Waiting for something or someone to come.
Maybe my prince on a white horse to save me.
Someone to love me, so I didn’t have to.



You CAN make it happen love!



I was literally in a bed, not being able to move much, when I discovered that I CAN in fact heal myself if I just allow this idea to be true.



At first I thought this was crazy!! But in 3 days I healed my back pain and sciatica, something that I drove me to feeling despaired, helpless and depressed.



So what did I do?


Your mind isn’t going to change by itself love. You won’t feel AWESOME, gorgeous and super confident unless you DECIDE to feel that.



YOU CAN make this shift in your mindset. You CAN change your belief systems.



Because love, no one else will live your life.


No one else will make you share your purpose with the rest of the world.


No one else will make sure that YOUR dreams happen!



It is up to YOU.

“Tina is amazing! When we first started working together our focus was on the mindset work I needed to get my coaching business started. From the start, I could tell she really hears her clients, is always encouraging, and puts her soul into her work. She had practical tools, resources, and exercises at the ready to suggest when appropriate.

As our relationship grew, the Universe had other plans for us, as I was thrust into a spiritual and emotional growth/healing phase pertaining to my relationship with my mother and my childhood. Tina took the shift in stride, and was immensely empathetic and supportive helping me work through acknowledging my pain.

She was forthcoming with reminding me to congratulate myself and acknowledge that I am doing hard work. Work that easily could get brushed aside as unnecessary, and isn’t for the faint of heart.

I am so blessed to have crossed paths with such a phenomenal coach!”


Christina Pedelty – Women’s Empowerment & Intentional Living Coach TheSustainableSoul

Your mind is SO powerful and it’s time that you start using it FOR you, instead of against you!
If you don’t believe that you’re good enough to go after your purpose or your dreams …
If you don’t believe deep down in your guts that you are GOOD enough to open your own business,
If you think that you don’t deserve the relationship you long for,
If you believe that you are unlovable,
You think that you simply can’t get that raise you’ve been wanting for such a long time …


Guess what?!


You won’t take the necessary action which will of course directly affect the results.


You’ll end up feeling shitty, thinking ‘I knew that I’m not good enough. Why do I even bother?’


Love, you’re getting what you believe in what you think about, every single day!
Who-is-Tina Suklje
Hey, Lovely Goddess!



Love, I SO get it.


I’ve been there. Not just been there.
I felt like a prisoner of my own mind.
There was no escape! I was so hard on myself, beating myself over everything I possibly could.
I felt stuck, helpless, depressed, lonely and in despair,


and my days were filled with anxiety.


I was in a violent and dysfunctional relationship, wondering why this is happening to me and what’s wrong with me.


I felt like a victim of a life I didn’t want, feeling completely and utterly powerless.


I was beating myself down, I was my own severest critic and whatever I did wasn’t good enough.


I was NEVER good enough for myself!


And I was on so many pills with so many chronic conditions that it was simply NUTS!


I cracked when I had such severe sciatica and back pain that I had to be hospitalized – all of that was in my early 20s!
I felt so lonely on my journey and oftentimes wasn’t sure if I’ll ever live the life of my dreams!
I moved to the country of my dreams!


I’ve changed my career from a Criminal Justice expert to a Mindset coach and opened my own business.


I speak 4 languages fluently.


I have a nourishing relationship with my partner.


I healed myself of sciatica and back pain just with the power of my mind!


I’m in love with my amazing and strong body & empowered mind!


I feel empowered, strong and BADASS as a woman and GODDESS! And I believe in myself!



And so CAN YOU!
And my transformation inspired me to create this super empowering programme, to spread the awareness and help empower you to become the Badass Goddess!

“Before my first session with Tina, I was facing a major decision. When I came to her, I was seeking clarity… and that was just what I found. I had asked the universe to send me someone or something that would help me process my decision- and Tina was an integral part of that. Her support, questioning and guidance helped me connect with my truth. She helped me realize that the feelings I was having were normal – I felt connected, heard and supported. Once we connected, I felt her support as she cheered along my wins and uplifted me where I had doubts. She recommended modalities of healing that I was unfamiliar with, but that truly made sense in my healing and expansion. I felt heard, authentically & completely.


But most of all, I felt that Tina was a part of my feeling like I could follow my heart, and follow my truth. I am so blessed to have connected with Tina.”


Chloe Evans – Energy Worker, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher ChloeAnneEvans

Mindset of a Badass Goddess is a


Private 1:1 Coaching programme with me,


designed to completely change and shift your beliefs
about what you think that you can or cannot do.
It is designed to empower you, to wake you up to your Inner Power (or Inner Goddess), so that you can share your gorgeous purpose with the world.
During this intense programme, we will dive in:



 Your current situation
 Your current beliefs about what you can or cannot do
 You will let go of these beliefs and anything from the past that is keeping you behind
 How to forgive yourself (and others)
 How to accept yourself
 How to start loving yourself unconditionally (a key to peace, joy and success!)
 How to make your mind and your thoughts work FOR you!
 I’ll share with you all of my tips and tools to support yourself on this transformational journey
 We will remove ‘I can’t’ and ‘I should’ from your vocabulary
 How intensely powerful and strong you already are (and you may not even be aware of it!)
 You will be supported throughout the journey with encouragement, compassion, empowerment and genuine love
 Everything is personalized just for you so you can really take away the absolute best and anything that you need
You CAN become a
Badass-goddess with Tina Suklje
It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now. It doesn’t matter how helpless you feel.


You CAN and you WILL love! 
This is a brand new program, customized just for YOU, and I have never shared ALL of my tips and tricks in such a programme before.



What you get in the Mindset of a Badass Goddess programme:



 Weekly 1:1 50 minute coaching sessions with me (number of session depend on the programme you choose below)
 After each session you get a Belief system challenger, depending on which belief system you need the most! (this is a quote on a gorgeous design!)
 I will be available on email throughout the week to support you between the sessions
 I will create an audio mp3 with your new belief systems, recorded as a guided meditation that will shift your deeply rooted belief systems on the level of your subconscious mind
This programme is for you if:



 You’ve had enough and are done feeling sorry for yourself


 If you can commit fully to the programme and are willing to do the work


 If you are 100% ready to make a change


 If you’re willing to do everything it takes to feeling stuck and not good enough
This programme is NOT for you if:



 You’re not 100% to make a change


 If you don’t want to take the responsibility for yourself and your life


 If you are not committed to make a change


 If you think I have some magic trick and you won’t have to do anything
There are two options to choose from:



 Intense 6 Week Badass Goddess Mindset programme
 Life changing and transformational 3 month Badass Goddess programme


You can see what each programme contains below:
 6 weekly 1:1 50 minute sessions


 6 personalized Belief System Challengers after each session


 E-mail support between the sessions


 Mp3 audio with your new belief systems (valued at $88)
 12 weekly 1:1 50 minute sessions


 12 personalized Belief System Challengers after each session


 E-mail support between the sessions


 Mp3 audio with your new belief systems (valued at $88)


 2 other ‘Badass Mindset’ Focused Workshops of your choice (valued at $199)


 List of your WINS during our 3 months together
Payment options:
1 payment of  
1 payment of  

 All payments are in €.


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