13 Aug Coming up: DIY Natural sunscreens recipes, Body balms & tinctures

Dear all,

I’ve been busy lately with writing, making stuff and enjoying the nature. Just a quick preview what I’ve been up to and yes, all the posts with the recipes are coming up 🙂

One of the most topical subjects during this summer is definitely the making of the natural sunscreen. Since I’ve made the research on the oils, I also made a couple of oils/sunscreens with the natural SPF. This will be of interest for anyone in search of an alternative way, so to speak, to protect themselves from the sun. Personally I believe that natural medicine and remedies (including creams and sunscreens) shouldn’t be called “alternative”, as they were present long before all the chemicals took over. Interesting thought right? We’ve discussed why the raspberry seed oil is good, but not where to get it from, how much does it cost and its smell and colour. All of that and more coming up tomorrow 🙂 Here’s a quick preview on the work in progress with the necessary tools, oils and notes.World Naturelle Watermark_wip

And then there was the herb delivery from G. Baldwin & Co. … 🙂Baldwin

World Naturelle Watermark_tinctureI’ve made a couple of tinctures and when they will be ready in a week. I will post about the procedure on how to simply make a tincture that will help you ease some conditions or even heal you; it is an amazing and simple home-made remedy. How wonderful is that? 🙂 The only thing more amazing is to forage your own herbs in the wild and make all the wonderful things with them; teas, tinctures, decoctions, macerated oils … In the below picture you can see my horsetail tincture and the equipment. I use horsetail for bladder infections and I’ve successfully managed these for a while now (with the help of many other herbs, besides horsetail).

Further on I made a couple of products, such as all-in-one body scrubs, Lavender body balms and Healing Calendula Body butters, all for my dear friends and family (and one for myself).  I’ll take some products to Slovenia and send some to Germany. Hope they love them as much as I do! I’m already working on writing the recipes therefore it shouldn’t take long to post those. Here’s all the necessary instruments, oils and butters I used alongside with all the products. Enjoy the view 🙂World Naturelle Watermark_tools

WorldN_all productsjpg

So that’s the quick preview of what I’ve been up to. I still have a lot to do and write, so bear with me as the recipe are on their way 🙂 Have a wonderful day and type to you very soon 🙂

The Earth has Music for those who listen“. – George Santayana


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