Hey hey love,


I’m Tina: personal development junkie, obsessed with Unicorns, life lover, and a multiple self-healer. I used to be sick all the time  (literally from the moment I was born!), and it wasn’t until I fell completely apart, feeling helpless, like crap and totally powerless, that I discovered that I can turn this around. Anyone can turn it around! I was depressed, had around 10 chronic diseases and felt imprisoned by my own body. Helpless. Powerless. Shitty. Lonely. Scared.

And now? I’m traveling the world, speaking at live conferences and retreats around the world, I’ve been living in several countries across Europe and I’m just enjoying my life to the fullest while giving back what I learnt to others like you that need it.


Are you ready to jump on this exciting journey with me? It’s going to be profound, life-changing, healing and fun 🙂 Because YOLO (You Only Live Once).


I love you,

Tina xx

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