Do you feel helpless when it comes to your back pain?


Do you feel miserable because you were told that you’ll never again play your favourite sport?


Are you tired of feeling like a prisoner of your own body?


Do you hate the list of ‘Things I can’t do because of back pain’?


Do you feel lonely AF because this condition is keeping you locked away from friends and any social events?


If you’re here, then I know you’ve tried it all.


And this back pain, it just won’t go away, am I right? Or maybe it goes away a bit, but the second you nearly forget about it, you bend down and it hurts again.


That’s how I felt, years ago. The doctors kept telling me I’m way too young to have such back pain and sciatica. I was only 22!


Aren’t you worried that you will have to be extremely cautious when you bend down for the rest of your life?


But  I turned it around, and I HEALED my back pain! It freaking disappeared in 3 days, after months of pain, painkillers, hospitals, tests and depression.


I have created this programme because there IS another way.

Just imagine this for a second.


What would it mean for you to be able to move pain-free?


To have the energy to go around, jump, work out, energy to thrive?


To be actually able to exercise and play your favourite sport again?


No longer feeling depressed and doomed for the rest of your life.


Pain-free bending and lifting, for life!


Being active in your BEST years!


Having control over your body.


No more of feeling depressed, useless and limited.


You’ll finally be able to do what you couldn’t do ever since the back pain began.

This programme is structured in the following way:


 6 transformative training teaching Modules, one for each week (valued at 600€)
 6 Previous Live Q&A with various tools (valued at 300€)
 An inspiring healing story AND scientific research behind the claims in each Module (valued at 100€)
 Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group (valued at 99€)
 A lifetime access to this content and to the private Fb group and any additional content that I’ll be adding on (priceless €)
 Access to my mindset, methods of healing and coaching in the Fb group throughout the programme (valued at 200€)


** This course was recorded last year and had a different name. I turned a couple of things around, and the content is still immensely incredible, but the way I taught it before just wasn’t working. Everyone got stuck in the same module and that’s why now I teach it only as a Community Coaching programme with a big emphasis on using the Private Fb group where you can ask me anything about the process, any questions, challenges and wins you have, and of course for accountability.

 An exclusive interview with a secret self-healer. Hint: She is a Hay House author! (priceless)
 Exclusive Book Database with all the books and authors on the MindBody connection, a result of my 6 year research (valued at 200€)
 Exclusive List of ALL the Methods of Healing I have used  to heal all of my diseases (valued at 500 €)

Total value:

 Week 1: The Power of your Mindset

Did you know that what you think about and what you believe in actually contributes to your healing? I will teach how on earth that happens, why it’s important and how this can help you heal your back pain.


Here you get a video PowerPoint, downloadable slides, and PDF for further reading + Homeplay to help you progress super quickly 🙂

 Week 2: The Power of Negative Emotions

Did you know that depression, anxiety, helplessness and hopelesness aren’t at all supporting you on your way to perfect health? I will teach you why that’s the case and how you can support yourself when sh*t hits the fan and how you can get your power back and support yourself in your healing process.


Here you get a video PowerPoint, downloadable slides, and PDF for further reading and Homeplay 🙂


 Week 3: The Power of Positive Emotions

Joy, love, fun and playfulness have an incredible impact on your healing! Did you know that? 🙂 I for sure didn’t, and it felt absolutely impossible feeling any of these since I felt so depressed and miserable about my back pain. But after a lot of research I discovered that there were scientific facts behind feeling positive emotions and healing. I couldn’t believe it – until I’ve tried it. So in this Module I teach you how to feel these emotions again and share with you scietific research on the power of positive emotions in the healing process. Are you ready to be blown away?


Here you get a video PowerPoint, downloadable slides, and PDF for further reading and Homeplay 🙂


 Week 4: The Power of Intuition

If there’s just one thing you will listen on this course, please please watch this Module. I know it sounds so weird and completely impossible that this would have ANYTHING to do with your back pain, but please trust me: it has EVERYTHING to do with it! If it weren’t for this, I would still feel in pain and totally depressed. This one is a life changer!


Here you get a video PowerPoint, downloadable slides, and PDF for further reading and Homeplay 🙂


 Week 5: The Power of Spirituality

In this module I cover different topics, but mainly trust and faith. I will teach you how to reignite your faith muscle – because when all you feel and think is pain, it feels impossible to believe that it will get better, am I right? I get it, I know what that’s like. But that’s why you need this piece of puzzle!


Here you get a video PowerPoint, downloadable slides, and PDF for further reading and Homeplay 🙂


 Week 6 is a brand new topic: Dare to Be YOU + Take massive action

This one is a power house. I didn’t truly get it for a while, and that’s why I struggled. Here I will teach you why it’s absolutely crucial that you do what you love, have relationships that you adore and what does it mean ‘Dare to be you’. To the naked eye, this seems absolutely irrelevant when it comes to healing your back pain – but I did it! No more back pain and limitations because I figured this hidden part and now I’m sharing it with you.


Here you get a video PowerPoint, downloadable slides, and PDF for further reading and Homeplay 🙂

Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Coaching with Tina Suklje Heal yourself

Hey hey,


I’m Tina: a Teacher of how you can heal your back pain, an entrepreneur, life lover and a nomad. 🙂 I absolutely love helping people and what motivated me to make this programme is the number of people that are still drowning in their back pain without any solution whatsoever. I felt absolutely miserable, defeated and depressed. And then I learnt how to heal my back pain – so I can now show you how you can do that too!


Later on I also applied this to other diseases that I had at the time, and this is the list of everything I have healed (this is just to show you what IS possible):

 Excruciating back pain and sciatica when I was 22

 a decade of multiple chronic illnesses, such as bladder and kidney infections and dermatitis

 auto immune diseases,


 a ton of ‘mysterious pains’





I cracked when I had such severe sciatica and back pain that I had to be hospitalized. And what was worse for me, I was supposed to fly to Paris for an internship in just a few months.


I was devastated. I felt absolutely defeated. What’s wrong with me?


Why is this happening to me?


I’m 22, what the ef? Am I ever gonna be able to WALK pain-free, let alone travel the world?


The doctors didn’t have any long term solution for me. “Rest, take pain killers and it’s gonna go away when it’s gonna go away.”


Except … that wasn’t good enough for me!


Why should it be for you? You deserve, everyone deserves to be healthy and strong.

I healed my back pain and sciatica!


I am not ONLY walking pain-free, I am jumping and have been travelling the world and living all over Europe for the past 6 years!


But only because I chose not to give up on myself and my healing.


I also healed a decade worth of chronic illnesses that were sucking the life out of me!


Because of everything that I teach in this programme, I was able to travel and live in over 5 countries in Europe, I speak 4 languages fluently and have overachieved my dreams. On top of that, I do what I LOVE and help other people do the same.


I started doing my research. I read a ton of books. Just in the past few years alone I attended over 5 live events around the world, invested in a ton of courses, worskshops and hired top coaches.


It’s been over 7 years now and I have SO much knowledge and experiences that I want to share with you so that you can experience the kind of freedom that I am living ever since!

And my transformation inspired me to create this programme as I can’t stand on the side, waiting with ALL of this knowledge and experiences and watch anyone struggle. If you’re still reading this, I know that you need to join us. For YOU.


Why? Because YOLO! (You Only Live Once)


Why waste your precious life and years struggling, in pain, and suffering, when everything you ever wished for is possible? And I won’t hold anything behind – I share EVERYTHING with you. For 7 years that’s a TON of knowledge and experiences 🙂

Coaching with Tina Suklje Heal yourself
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

We don’t think you’re going to want it, but due to the nature of the content provided, we do not issue a refund.


Who is this programme for?

Anyone who is experiencing back pain and/or sciatica so that you can exercise freely, live a pain-free life and no longer feel like a prisoner of your own body.


Why and how is this online programme different from any other?

I have gone throught this myself when I was only 22. And because I wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer, or any of the short-term solutions, I had to figure it out all on my own. Unlike any other programme or course, we focus on providing you the tools and techniques that you will use to heal your back pain for life, so you will never be limited or in pain again (it has been over 8 years since I experienced back pain and the results are truly working on a long run).


How does it work?

Each week, for the 6 weeks from the date of enrollment, you receive an email with a link where you can access the weekly workshop and also check other bonuses, such as previous Live Q&As, you can download slides and access other bonuses. And of course, you have a private Fb group where I pop in every other day to answer any and all of your questions, and where you can connect with other people who are also going through the same as you.


By enrolling and paying this course you agree and understand that Tina Suklje is not an MD, a doctor or any other healthcare practitioner. This course is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseasesContent is intended for informational, educational, self-help and reference purpose only, at your own risk and responsibility. Any advice is not intended to replace a professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment done by your general practitioner, therapist, dietician, nutritionist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or any other health care professional.

Tina Suklje does not assume and disclaim any liability to any part of any loss, damage, lifestyle changes, or disruption caused by this course, and she is in no way responsible for any effects whatsoever resulting from the use of the recommendations and suggestions outlined in this course. If you enroll in this course, you comply that Tina is NOT a healer, nor does she claim that she can heal you. By buying this course, you may not have the same experience as Tina and you fully comply with that and understand that your health is your responsiblity and your choice.


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