Tina Suklje You can heal yourself
If you’re here, then you’ve tried it all.


You probably have some, or a lot of experiences with different diseases, or just one that won’t go away. Or maybe you took a ton of tests but ‘everything was fine’, yet you’re still in pain.


You’re not going crazy hun, and you’re not alone!!


That’s how I felt, years ago. I thought I was the only one. I thought I was going crazy!


Even my family started calling me ‘hypochondriac’. I know, right?


But love, I turned it around, and I HEALED myself!


And the thing is that it’s by far not just me! There are so many people who healed themselves from various disease, some even life-threatening, and there’s a ton of books written about, documentaries, etc.


Are you ready fed up with waiting around, and hoping that one day you’ll get better? Fed up with hearing ‘come back when it’s worse’?
What’s wrong with me?


I suck.


Why is this happening to ME??


I just wanna be healthy, like the rest of the people!!


Will I ever be healthy (again)?


What if I’m gonna be sick my entire life?!?
And do you ever feel:


Helpless, hopeless, stuck, depressed, sorry for yourself and you can’t stop thinking how sick you are?


I healed my Back Pain and sciatica just with the POWER of my mind.
How efin insane and nuts is that?!?
So how did I do it?


Enough of being sick all the freaking time.
Enough of a shitty and manipulative relationship.
Enough of hoping and wishing that some day things will change.
Waiting for something or someone to give me a magic pill and make it all better.
Someone to love me, so I didn’t have to.



We all have this tremendous power within


ourselves, and yet, we walk around thinking


and believing how helpless and powerless we





I was literally in a bed, not being able to move much, changing my mood from being angry, frustrated, to feeling helpless and in complete despair.


When someone suggested that I can heal myself, I was thinking


“Are you nuts?? You’re saying that I can heal myself JUST with the power of my mind?
How can something so physical, such as back pain and sciatica be healed with my mind?!?”


But then I was in a hospital, feeling like crap, and doctors saying that my spine looks like a spine of a 50-year-old (I was 22 at the time!). Their solution? “Let’s wait and see, the operation isn’t needed just YET.”


I totally freaked out! what about my dreams? About travelling the world, living in France …? Is all of this shattered now??


So I decided to do something about it. This is just not the way I’m gonna live my life!


And I kid you not, I healed myself just with my mind in mere 3 days!! 3 freaking days!! No surgery, therapy, meds etc.


I just needed to look within and so some much needed inner work. Something I’ve been avoiding like a fish avoids living on the land.


But I was healed. Cured! And ever since I’ve been so fascinated by this topic, thinking “Holy shit, what else can I do??”


So I became a mindset coach. Changed my career from Criminal Justice expert. Moved to France, and opened my business.


“Tina is amazing! When we first started working together our focus was on the mindset work I needed to get my coaching business started. From the start, I could tell she really hears her clients, is always encouraging, and puts her soul into her work. She had practical tools, resources, and exercises at the ready to suggest when appropriate.

As our relationship grew, the Universe had other plans for us, as I was thrust into a spiritual and emotional growth/healing phase pertaining to my relationship with my mother and my childhood. Tina took the shift in stride, and was immensely empathetic and supportive helping me work through acknowledging my pain.

She was forthcoming with reminding me to congratulate myself and acknowledge that I am doing hard work. Work that easily could get brushed aside as unnecessary, and isn’t for the faint of heart.

I am so blessed to have crossed paths with such a phenomenal coach!”


Christina Pedelty – Women’s Empowerment & Intentional Living Coach TheSustainableSoul

You are so POWERFUL love, and it’s time you activate this power within!
Who-is-Tina Suklje
Tina is powerful, strong, and a Goddess.


But it wasn’t always like that you know.
I felt like a prisoner of my own body.
My young, gorgeous body, who acted like it was 100 years old, ached and hurt.
There was no escape! I was so hard on myself, beating myself over everything I possibly could.
I felt stuck, helpless, depressed, lonely and in despair,


I was in a violent and dysfunctional relationship, wondering why this is happening to me and what’s wrong with me.


I felt like a victim of a life I didn’t want, feeling completely and utterly powerless.


And I was on so many pills with so many chronic conditions that it was simply NUTS!


Here’s just a couple of them:
 a ton of acute diseases,
 a decade of multiple chronic illnesses, such as sinusitis, bronchitis, bladder and kidney infections, dermatitis etc.
 auto immune diseases,
 a benign tumor,
 a ton of ‘mysterious pains’
back pains, sciatica etc.



I cracked when I had such severe sciatica and back pain that I had to be hospitalized – all of that was in my early 20s!


I felt so lonely on my journey and by this point, I didn’t believe any longer I could live the life of my dreams.
I healed my back pain and sciatica!


I healed my debilitating chronic illnesses that were sucking the life out of me!


I did a ton of inner work, and I learnt how to love myself, care for myself and how to make my mind work for me.


Instead of being a victim of my own thoughts and illnesses.


I started doing my research. I read a ton of books. It’s been 5 years now and I have SO much knowledge and experiences that I want to share with you!
I feel empowered, strong and BADASS as a woman and GODDESS! And I believe in myself!


I’m in love with my amazing and strong body & empowered mind!


And so CAN YOU!
And my transformation inspired me to support you, to teach you how I did it, and to let you know that


every single person can do this if she’s willing to do the work!

“Before my first session with Tina, I was facing a major decision. When I came to her, I was seeking clarity… and that was just what I found. I had asked the universe to send me someone or something that would help me process my decision- and Tina was an integral part of that. Her support, questioning and guidance helped me connect with my truth. She helped me realize that the feelings I was having were normal – I felt connected, heard and supported. Once we connected, I felt her support as she cheered along my wins and uplifted me where I had doubts. She recommended modalities of healing that I was unfamiliar with, but that truly made sense in my healing and expansion. I felt heard, authentically & completely.


But most of all, I felt that Tina was a part of my feeling like I could follow my heart, and follow my truth. I am so blessed to have connected with Tina.”


Chloe Evans – Energy Worker, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher ChloeAnneEvans

You Can Heal Yourself is a


profound, life-changing, and completely


transformational 1:1 support with me


designed to support you, empower you and help you on your way to health.
On our journey, we will dive in and learn about:


 Personal support and holding hand throughout our time together
  We will dive in every area of your life that needs healing
 We will go together through every single emotion, and look what needs forgiveness, letting go and expressing
 We will identify which beliefs don’t work for you, and we’ll form your new beliefs together
 You get email support throughout the programme, besides the sessions
 1:1 50 minute session every week to check your progress, discuss your struggles and wins, and go through everything that was going on in the past week
It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now. It doesn’t matter how helpless you feel.


You CAN be, go and do anything you’d like!
 6 weekly 50 minute 1:1 sessions


 My Online course, ‘You Can Heal Yourself‘ (value 333€)
This is for you if:



 You’ve tried so many things to improve your health, with zero or little success


 You are fed up with waiting if you get worseYou are ready to make the changes in your life to heal yourself


 You are ready to make the changes in your life to heal yourself


 You know that it’s not me who can heal you – only YOU can heal yourself!


 You are super motivated and ready, to be honest, and take responsibility for your life


 You would love a ton of support, love and fun on your way to health with likeminded women, cheering each other on
This is NOT for you if:



 You’re not 100% ready to make a change


 If you don’t want to take the responsibility for yourself and your life


 If you are not committed to make a change


 If you think I have some magic pill that will heal you and take all your problems away, and you won’t have to do anything


 If you’re not willing to do the inner work
Payment plans:
1 payment of  

 All payments are in €.

Tina Suklje You can heal yourself
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