22 May Hello world!


Dear reader(s),

Welcome to the WorldNaturelle! I started this blog for two reasons: to keep track on the things I do and to, hopefully, help someone with my ideas and receive some feedback. So what are these “things” that I do? For a while now, I have been very into the natural home remedies for various conditions and have just recently started making my own stuff. I’m also very into healthy lifestyle, applying it almost to all levels of my life – eating and cooking bio/organic food, I love being in nature and care for causes such as animal welfare and helping others. Which is why I am just about to start on a new job in a health food store in London and volunteering for a charity organisation during my spare time.

A little bit about myself. I’ve just watched video on youtube where I learnt that it’s completely fine to be introverted, a good thing even. Therefore, I am an introvert, book warm, healthy lifestyle and herbal tea maniac, absolutely love animals (I can especially relate to cats), love to play and listen to piano, occasionally make arts and I believe that our minds are strongly correlated to our bodies and therefore we need to be able not only to listen but to hear what the body is trying to tell/show us.

There you go. I’ll be reviewing several recipes from various books, on-line websites and hopefully I’ll be reviewing natural products and comparing them. I could be just writing down my experiences of living in my home country, France and Slovenia and the experiences I’ve gained along the way. It seems a bit blurry in terms of what I’ll be doing but that’s probably because this is my first blog. 🙂

I’ll be happy to hear from anyone who shares these ideas, passions and is willing to give me some feedback and their experiences. Enjoy the reading and remember to love yourself 😉


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