12 Jul Herbal diary from French countryside :)

My dear reader,

Last time I wrote a new blog post on herbal remedies, I was in a beautiful Gironde, a part of South West France surrounded by the vines and numerous animals. This post is covering all the beautiful and spectacular animals I came across to and herbal remedies I’ve made when living there.


Harvesting Elderflowers in the company of Darcy and nougat 🙂

Have you ever heard of house sitting?

This was a first long term house sit for me (three months) with that many animals. I got a privilege to get to know:

  • two horses, Darcy and Nougat,
  • Bella and Bobo the donkeys that escaped at one point,
  • 2365Raphael the goat with emotional upsets,
  • Oliver the pig,
  • about a dozen doves,
  • Canaries Jeune and Blue
  • Tess, Alfie, Big Dog and Pupp – 4 amazing dogs
  • Buzz and Dezz, two super cuddly cats.

I believe that covers them all! 🙂 Area was absolutely amazing, a very rural experience, often resulting in me stressing out, but learning a lot about myself and the animals on a long run. Absolutely fantastic experience with the trustedhousesitters.com website. I’ve decided to start writing a travelling Blog as well, where I’ll post more info and photos of my travels and house sitting experiences 🙂

Anyhow, while having all this nature, space and time to absorb and appreciate it, I have done several ailments, oils and harvested many herbs for a very first time 🙂
If you have read my blogs in the past or followed me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you probably know what a tea lover I am (might even be a tea freak) 🙂

Naturally, I first went to harvest the Nettles, then Cleavers (tried this herb for the first time), Dandelion and Plantain. If you click the names of this superbly healing medicinal plants, they will take you to separate articles on healing properties of those beauties.


A really huge harvest was the Elderflower. Oh my, how I loved that! Insanely beautiful Elderflower (: its size was one time of my hand.And how early was it – at the end of April! Elderflowers are usually harvested at the end of May and June. But that also depends on where you are living. If I’ll have the time, I will dedicate the whole post to this superb medicinal plant 🙂 But to describe it shortly, I have harvested a whole lot of it and have done three things with this amazing flower:

  • dried most of it to use it in teas
  • infused it in the oil as I discovered it is amazing for chapped skin
  • infused it in honey for a sore throat to use it as a syrup or add it to lemonades 🙂

I did want to make a famous Elderflower syrup but due to my travelings and amazing discovering around France, I am unable to carry loads of luggage. Next time 🙂 Elderflower honey that can be used as a honey, syrup fors ore throat or a syrup for a refreshing summer drink (:


Besides harvesting Nettles, Cleavers, Dandelion and Plantain on a daily basis, I have made a garlic tincture for the first time! By the time I wrote this post, the tincture was long gone and a second batch was already made (: It’s a super healing tincture – a powerful herbal remedy.


That sums up my stay in the rural SW part of France, in the Sainte-Foy-la-Grande. After that I was staying in Biarritz for a month and absolutely loved the sea and the nature (: I will do my very best to post the amazing healing properties of Elderflower, the recipes as well as Garlic tincture as both of these are a must-have at home (: The simplicity and the healing power of the Elderflower is spectacular – but it is also a very delicious flower! After you’ve tried it once, you won’t be able to get enough (:

That is a herbal summary of my rural French experience – stay tuned as many more stories and healing recipes are coming up 🙂

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” – John Burroughs


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