How I manifested a deer with mindset coach Tina Suklje-Kathrin Zenkina

30 May How I Manifested a Deer

Hello lovely,

Do you believe in Universe? Or Law of Attraction? Or maybe both?

I’ve manifested quite a lot of things so far, but my rational mind just blew it of, saying something like “Oh that was pure luck!”, or “That was a complete coincidence!”, so I mainly didn’t use it. A couple of years ago when I just moved to Paris and it was literally impossible to rent something decent if you were from abroad without your working contract, I saw this amaaazing studio and immediately wanted to have it. I felt that it was just impossible for me and my partner to rent it out. And days went by, until the day arrived when we were supposed to hear whether or not we got it. But nothing happened. No answer, no call, nothing.

It was just about that time that I was reading a ton about The Secret and watching a movie, that I decided that I might as well visualise getting the studio apartment. What was there to loose anyway right? So I did this a couple of nights before I went to sleep. And then, OMG: I got the email, saying that we got the flat! I was blooown away!!!

But my mind took over the driving gear, saying “That was pure luck!”. And even though I believed that there was and is something more about this law of attraction, I never really tried it again, at least not much!

A week or two ago I stumbled upon a lovely Kathrin Zenkina and I was immediately drawn to one of her live videos. Around that time, I would get many signals that were about the Universe and manifestation and I started watching her Live video (which btw, I never do – I never watch live videos!). There she explained  lot about manifesting and how she surrendered to Universe and how her life changed. Since I’ve tried it before and knew there is a strong chance she is right, I said:

“Ok. Let’s see. I’m not sure if where I am based right now suits me. So I’m gonna ask for a sign from a Universe. Let’s say a deer if this is the right spot for me … A deer? Where on earth am I going to see a deer?!? Let’s not make it absolutely impossible for Universe! I’m gonna go with a pink car! Yes, that gotta do it! And … a blue butterfly if I need to move.”

And that was it! I do live more on a countryside, and I’ve just gotten bikes to ride around the place. So the following day I went on my bike and rode to the area I didn’t know, just basically going with it. It was quite a stretch for me, and I didn’t even think I was fit enough to go that far! Then my partner stopped all of a sudden and pointed towards a tree. I mean, the countryside was nice, but I didn’t see anything special about that tree. And he said “No, look there’s a deer!” and I opened my mouth and eyes and was bloooown away!! I couldn’t believe it! I explained to him why I’m acting so insane and we just started laughing. And believing.

You may think it was a coincidence right? I mean, I was after all in the countryside. But there ahs been way too many so called ‘coincidence’ for me, so I no longer listened to my rational mind, trying to blow this one away as well.

How about you? Did something similar happen to you that was just extraordinary, amazing, mind blowing, and yet, your rational mind took over in logically explaining what just happened? I am staying open to Universe, manifesting and I still have a lot to learn. But I absolutely love this journey, it’s teaching so much, and it’s always filled with love. I mean, if I manifested a deer, what else can I manifest? 🙂

Lots of love,


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