20 Mar I’m Possible

Hello my lovelies,

How’s been your week? I’ve been procrastinating a bit, but I’m prepared for this week and all of the wonderful things it’s bringing 🙂

I’m bringing you more goodies and Monday inspiration for our new week – are you ready? 🙂

How often do you hear yourself say: “This is impossible. It’s simply impossible!”? I used to be all about impossible and that’s where everything stopped for me. Now, I’m not saying that every situation has an easy answer or solution, but the fact is that if you want it bad enough, it is POSSIBLE. It may not be how you wanted it or where you wanted it, but it is always possible.

The thing is that once we open our mind to the possibility that there is another solution, even though we don’t have the answer yet, strange and wonderful things start to happen. We get an epiphany! Has this ever happened to you? It has happened to me and I was blown away – but it has always been a struggle to allow the possibility of something different without having all my questions answered.

So my darling, it is possible. What you want, no matter how big, or small, it is possible. It is our mind that blocks and rejects just the thought about it – next time this happens try opening up and be receptive to something new and wonderful. Who knows, you might as well find your “I’m Possible” solution. 🙂

Wishing you lots of love and a week full of possibilities,


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