10 Apr Stop Resisting: Start Accepting!

Hello beautiful people,

Today I want to share something really powerful that can change and shift your life forever! you will no longer look at the situations the same way: instead, you will learn what I’m about to share with you.

Do you know how you usually resist, get angry, and frustrated when something unexpected and bad happens? One example is for instance, when your car breaks down. Or when public transport is completely stuck and you know you’ll be late to work or when you meet your friend. I remember how I used to get so frustrated, impatient and would literally become the biggest grumpy there was!

But what I later realized was that it wasn’t the situation that was making me miserable: it was my reaction to the situation, and very importantly, my resistance to the current situation. So if we look the above mentioned example, when your car breaks down: even with all the swearing, frustrated phone calls etc., what do you do? Eventually you take the action don’t you? but what if you could avoid that emotional roller coaster before you can make a call?

The thing is that you resisting, and complaining about the situation does not provide you with the solution. In fact, it makes you miserable, keeps you stuck in it and you experience the whole range of negative and intense emotions. Once we accept the situation for what it is, i.e. “I lost my job”, “My car broke down”, or “This relationship just ended”, we give ourselves the chance to move on and search for the best solution.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that you need to repress your emotions: not at all! It means that you save yourself from a ton of negative emotional roller coaster and you don’t stay stuck and don’t struggle in your current life situation. But why don’t we do that? It sounds simple enough, right?

I really started to think why it is that we resist so much. All this tension, emotions and frustration. And I got my answer: we are scared that if we accept the situation as it is, that we won’t want to change anything. For instance, if you are fired from your job, you can get really frustrated, or you can accept the situation and start acting. But we get so caught up in our fears. And it’s not just you! I’ve been doing this for a very long time and it’s not that long ago that I had this epiphany!

Once I stopped resisting the uncomfortable situation, everything got so much easier! It felts like life was on my side once again. Like everything is really flowing with better easy and joy. And on top of that, I was able to think straight and get more creative in terms of finding ideas for a solution of my current situation.

What do you think? Do you want to give it a try and instead of resisting, accept the situation? If you have any questions on how you can do that, I’d love to help you out! 🙂

Talk to you soon my lovely person.

Sending you lots of love and acceptance,

Tina xx

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