YOLO wiht Tina Suklje
Break through your fears with Tina Suklje
Tina Suklje You can heal yourself
You CAN achieve anything and everything you dream, desire, and drool over. And you don’t have to struggle and do it all on your own, love!


This is not your regular Mastermind. I’m only accepting super insane firewalkers. Insane, as in: anyone who wants SO much more out of his/hers life!


I’m a complete growth and spirituality junkie. I will talk you into doing things you REALLY want but on your own you would find a way to talk yourself out of it. I am obsessed with YOLO philosophy: You Only Live Once. Because it puts everything into perspective. And it wakes you up to truly live yourself. To be yourself. To listen to yourself and to show the fuck up for yourself, your life, and for OTHERS!
I’ve been to UPW in San Jose this year and I’m telling you, if I didn’t surround myself with like-minded people and had a 1:1 coach, I would get lots in my stories. Excuses. Fears. Oh, so many fears that paralyzed me. But time goes on anyway. Whether you get the courage to show up and step up, or not.


So are you ready to keep on walking on fire, every single fucking day?


To show the fuck up? To step up?


To listen to yourself and your BIG & crazy dream?



Then this is IT for you.



I show up every day. With a shit ton of energy. I get more energy when I give to others and help them. It’s just who I am.
Total and complete personal development & travel junkie, self-proclaimed master of doing the impossible and master of listening to myself. I’ve lived in 5 countries in Europe so far, speak 4 languages fluently, healed myself from all acute, chronic and auto immune diseases, overcame anxiety and depression, and “I’m a victim” mode, healed and stepped up from a violent relationship, changed my career from being an expert in Criminal Justice (I have 2 MBAs),  opened my business abroad when I didn’t even speak the language fluently, and simply changed my life upside down. For better. Forever. And now I teach and mentor others on how they can do it too.


I will teach you why you’re not crazy for wanting more, for wanting something different, and I will show you how to unconditionally listen to yourself, with feeling selfish and going onto a long guilt trip.


This road with me is fun, you will learn a TON, and have a network of amazing likeminded people who want what you want: MORE!
The time is now. And you know it.


It’s time you write that book. Travel the world. Move wherever you want to go to. Open your business. Find something that sets your soul on fire and quit the lame job. Quit toxic relationships with people that don’t appreciate and accept you.


It’s time you go after your dreams. If not now, when? You know you’ll find a shit ton of excuses.


It’s time you start living your life FOR you.
We start on 20th July and this is what Mastermind includes:
 10 mastermind calls every 10 ten days; calls are held on every other Monday and every other Friday as shown below:


20th & 30th July
10th & 20th & 31st August
10th & 21st September
1st & 12th & 22nd October


 A private Fb group where you can ask me anything and support each other: a safe, loving and kickass space


 A badass leader who’s on fire and shows up, gives, gives and gives with a shit ton of love and loving kickass approach 🙂


 On our group calls you will have a chance to speak with me and ask me questions 1:1!


 Every week you will set out one goal and we will hold you accountable in the private Fb group


 We will have a personal development book of the month and will discuss some keynotes on the call and in the Fb group


 1 private 30 minute session with me 30 days up to the end of the Mastermind to go through your goals and plans so you can truly sky rocket even after the Mastermind is over!
The investment for this Badass and High Vibe Mastermind is:


Mastermind + unlimited 1:1 VOXER support with me
(Walkie Talkie online throughout the 98 days of the programme!)
98 days of accountability, badassery and FUN!


Because growth doesn’t have to be all serious. It can actually be fun!


Since I want to keep this group as personal as possible, there can only be 10 spots for badass firewalkers. This way I can really connect with everyone on a personal basis <3
Who is this for?
Badass someone who wants to skyrocket his/her goal
Ready to a T to show up for yourself and do your part
Play full out


When do we start?
20th July 2018 until the 22nd October 2018.


Where do we meet?
Our calls will be online, set in Zoom, every other Friday and Monday at 11am PST, 2pm EST and 8pm CET. Calls will last between 1 and 2 hours.


Why did I create this?
Because I know how it is. When you know you have SO much potential but you get stuck in your head. In your BS stories. Paralysed by fear. With this programme you’re no longer alone, love!



***** Badass MEETUP after the Mastermind! *****
We will conclude this Mastermind by attending the UPW in New York together!! This UPW is at the beginning of this November and if there’s enough of us, I may be able to get a group discount and I would LOOOVE to meet you in person and walk through the fire together with you!!


This is gonna be so awesome. Show up. Live fully. Be yourself. Do whatever the fuck it is that you want. Because fucking YOLO!


***** UPW ticket, plane ticket, airplane or any other mode of transport, as well as any other travel or personal costs are NOT included in the price of this Mastermind!*****
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach


Tina Suklje not an MD, a doctor or other healthcare practitioner. This course is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseasesContent is intended for informational, educational, self-help and reference purpose only, at your own risk and responsibility. Any advice is not intended to replace a professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment done by your general practitioner, therapist, dietician, nutritionist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or any other health care professional.

Tina Suklje does not assume and disclaim any liability to any part of any loss, damage, lifestyle changes, or disruption caused by this course, and she is in no way responsible for any effects whatsoever resulting from the use of the recommendations and suggestions outlined in this course. If you enroll in this course, you comply that Tina is NOT a healer, nor does she claim that she can heal you.


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