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Welcome to the page where you can find descriptions of Workshops for Healthy Mind. These workshops are a part of Mindset Coaching and Inner Goddess Activation, and all of them are fun, profound and very empowering! There are two groups of these workshops and on this page you can find workshops that will support your beautiful Mind.

Read on for this super fun and empowering workshops 🙂

Warrior-goddess with Tina Suklje

Do you have a gorgeous dream, a burning desire deep in your heart that you SO want to make a reality?


But there’s something keeping you back and you keep thinking:


“I can’t do this!”
“Who am I to do this?”
“What are they going to say?”
“That’s insane, I can’t do this!!”


It is definitely scary making a big change.


Be it moving to the city you love, or even abroad.
Changing you career.
Leaving a toxic relationship.
Opening your own business.


I get it! Because I’ve done ALL of the things that I’ve just listed!!


If you are 100% ready and fed up with ‘should’s’, ‘I can’t!’, limited beliefs and excuses why you’re not pursuing the life that you really crave, then this one is for you love!


Because you can become a fierce and powerful woman – a true Warrior Goddess!

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Play with your Inner Child

is one of the most important practices you can learn to start living fulfilled and free life. It is amazing how us, grown-ups try to be all grown up, serious and ‘stuck up’. But what we are missing is simply having fun and being less ‘realistic’ and more joyful 🙂 During this workshop you will learn how you can listen to your child and you will also notice that your lovely child is much more present in your life than you think.

How to make friends with your Ego?

is an eye-opening workshop where I teach you how to talk to your ego, your unrealistic fears and some old patterns you are holding. This opened my gate to freedom and helped so many of my clients! Instead of beating it up, you will become friends with your ego and you’ll notice just how much more peaceful an creative you will be. And this will also result in you having the space and time to be yourself.

How to Deal with Fear?

This is a very profound workshop where we chat all about the fear: this strong emotion that can paralyse us! What would you do it you weren’t afraid? What would you try? Where would you go? I’ll share wonderful techniques about how to deal with fear, because getting stuck and moving away from our dreams doesn’t help you to live the life of your dreams, does it? You can do this!

How to Be Yourself and Awaken Your Inner Goddess?

When I started my journey I would keep playing small, put myself down and had that intense fear of becoming who I truly wanted to become. I kept living my life the way I ‘should’ be living it and it wasn’t until I fully committed to becoming who I am, that I started living fully. I had so many limited belief systems, about what I could or could not do, and honestly, these were the ones I had to overcome to be where I am today. In this amazing and awakening workshop, we go into analysis and questions that will bring out who you truly are, no should-s, must-s or can’t-s. Are you ready to be who you truly want to be? 🙂

“I was fortunate enough to get the amazing opportunity to work with Tina in the ‘Awaken your Inner Goddess’ workshop. 

Working compassionately and intuitively Tina was able to pinpoint very specific areas to transform my relationship with myself. Everything we spoke about was summarised and presented to me in a “take home” action plan which I am enjoying referring to as I complete my inner work. 

Tina is incredible at what she does. Her refreshing approach led to so much enlightenment within me and some total shifts in perspective. The way she was able to pinpoint issues and provide such effective advice was amazing. Tina’s presence is phenomenal – providing such comfort and reassurance at a soul level, yet fiercely empowering. 

The outlook I’ve gained as a result of her work will be life changing. I now look forward to progressing into my power, igniting my inner goddess with such excitement for the future! I will be sure to work with Tina again! Thank you! xxx


Samantha B.

Make your Thoughts Work For You – Guided Personalized Audio Tape

This is one of the most powerful tools. Did you know that your best chances for the life you want to live start up here; in your mind? But the trick is to be aware of the thoughts that are disabling you from the life you deserve. So I created this 15 minute workshop where we have a short analysis of the thoughts, even belief systems that are no longer working for you, and flip them around. Then I create an audio tape just for you to listen every day and you get it in your e-mail box 🙂 This way you really support yourself and open doors where there were only walls. Make your mind work FOR you, instead of against you.

5 Personalized Affirmations

I absolutely love making and creating affirmations and quotes, or as I like to call them, belief systems challengers. They are like a seed that we plant in our mind that help and support us, they are like a guide that is just there, every day. A friendly, loving and supportive reminder. They’ve helped me so much, and my clients, that I create a supportive affirmation after each session I have with a client – depending on her needs at the moment. And since I like creativity, I always create these lovely, colourful and beautiful affirmations that you will want to look at every day: check them out below 🙂

Affirmation quote empowering Tina Suklje
World needs you with Tina Suklje
Inner Goddess Tina Suklje

The Art of Acceptance

truly is an art. How do you usually feel when you’re in the situation that you really don’t like? A situation that you didn’t expect and the surprise is not a good one? You probably feel frustrated, scared, angry, confused, helpless and I could on and on. The best remedy for this is to accept the situation, no matter how bad it is. In this workshops I show you how you can start applying this in your life every day: this will in turn help you to be more relaxed, focused, and make the best out of the situation without struggle.

Build your confidence

with this empowering workshop that will show you how amazing you already are, right here and right now!

The Art of Self-Awareness

In this fast paced lifestyle we are living it is so easy to get disconnected from yourself, what you really want and what your body needs. Book this workshop to learn more about it, as your journey to a fulfilled life starts here.

“Before my first session with Tina, I was facing a major decision. When I came to her, I was seeking clarity… and that was just what I found. I had asked the universe to send me someone or something that would help me process my decision- and Tina was an integral part of that. Her support, questioning and guidance helped me connect with my truth. She helped me realize that the feelings I was having were normal – I felt connected, heard and supported. Once we connected, I felt her support as she cheered along my wins and uplifted me where I had doubts. She recommended modalities of healing that I was unfamiliar with, but that truly made sense in my healing and expansion. I felt heard, authentically & completely.


But most of all, I felt that Tina was a part of my feeling like I could follow my heart, and follow my truth. I am so blessed to have connected with Tina.”


Chloe Evans – Energy Worker, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher ChloeAnneEvans

How to eliminate ‘Should’ from your vocabulary (and life)?

Our lives are so often run by our shoulds: what should you wear, how you should behave, what you should be doing, when you should have a family etc. What they are doing is imprisoning us into the life that is no longer ours. It is fascinating how powerful this tiny word is! I used to should all over myself, and when I eliminated this strong word from my vocabulary and my life, I really started living – MY life. In this eye-opening workshop I show you powerful techniques how to do this and how to distinguish between the life that you want and the life that you think you should live.

What is your body trying to tell you?

Is another of the really important and popular workshops where we go into detail how your current body state and any condition is signalling you that something in your life is not in the right place. We discuss how your mind and emotions influence your wellbeing and health! I know that at first this ounds so weird (and you’re probably filled with doubts), but I healed myself of back pain in sciatica in mere 3 days, when nothing worked (I was hospitalized, on a ton of meds). I learn more and more about this fascinating topic every day and  it is SO empowering to learn how you can help yourself!

How to make ‘What If’ questions your bit*h

So do you too have these strong and insanely sabotaging questions that start with ‘What if’? Questions like:

What if I fail?
What if I’m not good enough?
What if  I’m not strong enough?
What if I’m not ________ enough?


These questions and this sort of thinking is not only limiting you, but also paralyzing you with fear! In this empowering workshop you’ll learn how to make these questions work for you, instead of agonizing you! you can liberate yourself love!

“Tina is amazing! When we first started working together our focus was on the mindset work I needed to get my coaching business started. From the start, I could tell she really hears her clients, is always encouraging, and puts her soul into her work. She had practical tools, resources, and exercises at the ready to suggest when appropriate.

As our relationship grew, the Universe had other plans for us, as I was thrust into a spiritual and emotional growth/healing phase pertaining to my relationship with my mother and my childhood. Tina took the shift in stride, and was immensely empathetic and supportive helping me work through acknowledging my pain.

She was forthcoming with reminding me to congratulate myself and acknowledge that I am doing hard work. Work that easily could get brushed aside as unnecessary, and isn’t for the faint of heart.

I am so blessed to have crossed paths with such a phenomenal coach!”


Christina Pedelty – Women’s Empowerment & Intentional Living Coach TheSustainableSoul

Realize that you already are a Badass Goddess

This empowering and badass workshop is all about claiming your power back. It is not that some people are strong and confident and you simply can’t be. All of us have this amazing power (our Inner Goddess) inside of us and in this workshop we’ll be diving in how to uncover this powerful Goddess you have.

Love Yourself just as you are

This is one of the most important things that I suggest to every single one of my clients. Without loving and accepting who you are right now, you will find ways to not believe in yourself, put yourself down and sabotage yourself. And a lot of these things happen on our subconscious level, meaning you may not even be aware of it! Our mind can be a very sneaky one, so I’ve prepared this introductory workshop that will show you how to start loving yourself. You will need to do the work in your own time too! Self-love is very often a journey and even though it may not be the easiest to start with, it is the most fulfilling journeys of them all. <3

Relaxation Techniques

are so important as we get stressed every day! I can show you how important your breathing is and what is the best techniques to learn to take deep breath, alongside with other really important relaxation techniques.

Say Bye Bye to Anxiety

Anxiety is a very strong, overwhelming and paralysing emotion that I’ve had through my entire childhood and teenage years. I developed amazing tips and techniques to deal with it and instead of feeling like I’m drowning I developed a way to accept this and successfully said goodbye to anxiety. My clients are always grateful for these techniques, as it helped them significantly to reduce their anxiety as well. Anxiety is such an overwhelming and strong emotion, and it can almost feel like drowning, suffocating or complete overwhelm. Learn more about how to manage it and how to get to the root cause of it.

Time management

is really important nowadays as we keep running out of time. Do you often run out of time and feel stressed, completely overwhelmed and overloaded with your work? I can show you a couple of tricks to manage your time better to be more successful and of course, less stressed now that you have a system in place.


is another of the really important attitude you want to start applying daily into your routine. But since we are usually so busy focusing on what we don’t have, we forget what we already have. Here I show you how to find your joys in life and start attracting more if them into your life.

Creating your Vision Board

is a super fun and joyful workshop! 🙂 Vision Board is a board where you pin all of your dreams, goals and empowering thoughts. It is a fun and a very important part of your journey to success and I’m here to show you how you can do a physical vision board or one on your computer, Ipad or Iphone.

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