07 Jan My fantastic 2016 :)

Dear all,

At the end of each year, I like to make a list of accomplishments to see how my year unraveled. I started doing it to build on my self-confidence and to acknowledge everything I achieved and overcame in one year. 2016 was particularly spectacular and significant, and I want to inspire as many people as possible 🙂 You CAN live the life you want!


1. It started with house sitting; I started with a bit of experience in house sitting which have accumulated in 190 days of housesitting, four housesits in three different towns/cities/country side with loads of animals. Ranging from horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits to goats, a pig and a frog.

0112. I lived at the SW French sea cost, something I really wanted to do. I found my voice and strength there 🙂

3. Let go of negative emotions.

4. Did major confrontation I was scared to do for years, even a decade.

5. Opened my first business ever, in a country where I didn’t even speak the language very well.

6. Started organising herbal events as well as really focused on doing what I’m passionate about – writing, coaching and helping people.

7. I also learnt how to be present in the moment.
8. Removed 2 wisdom teeth at once (ouchy, but I survived! 🙂

9. Faced my fears, on every level of my life: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.557

10. Majorly improved my health and wellbeing.
11. Kicked it off not only as a professional writer and researcher, but ended up being a fantastic book editor. And remember, just two month before that I was sure that I won’t be able to do this – that I don’t have enough years of experiences, I am not a native speaker etc. Just another proof that limiting beliefs really are only in our heads. They are not what we can do. It’s our perception of what we believe we can do. Re-evaluate your beliefs and create new ones that will work FOR you, instead of against you.

12. Improved my financial situation significantly.

13. Started really dealing with french bureaucracy. Anyone who lives in France/has moved to France knows what an agony this can be. But I did it 🙂 I stopped reacting and started acting.

14. Started doing workshops locally, something I wanted to do for over a year. I love it 🙂

15. Gained numerous clients for my Holistic Health Coaching business and Writing jobs. I felt especially fantastic when I got my first local client. Yaaay 🙂

16. Started opening up spiritually.img_0086-1

17. Realised my worth and value of my work.

18. Improved my self-love, self-confidence and trust.

19. Found at least 10 things to be grateful for every single day.

20. Got a Life Coach and worked on every area of my life extensively.

21. Improved my relationships.

22. Traveled through France extensively (I lived in three towns/cities and visited two cities).

23. Worked on my nutrition, created several healing foods and did several major changes to my diet. These include completely eliminating gluten and sugar.

170824. Worked hard, but so fulfilling it didn’t even feel like work. Still doesn’t 🙂

25. Was super creative and tried so many new things: from making my first homemade toothpaste, deodorant, candles, gift cards, new herbal remedies to creating completely new and different meals.

26. Completely fallen in love with my life 🙂

How was your 2016?

Whenever you find your life hard, remember that whatever is happening to you right now, is preparing you for your better future. It’s toughening you up, making you stronger and getting you ready for all the amazing things that are awaiting you. This may be very hard to hear, especially when you’re struggling. But just open yourself up to this thought.


You are spectacular, wonderful and unique. Love yourself and enjoy every second of your life – you deserve and you can get and become anything and anyone you want. Strive for the best in 2017 and remember that life is working for you. If you want to chat with me and find out how I can help you on your quest to living fully and healthy, click here to book your free session 🙂

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Chinese proverb

With lots of love and positive vibes,


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