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My dear natural health lovers,

I am back with a magnificent recipe for a gluten-free, a super easy-to-make cake that you will want to prepare asap 🙂 As you may have noticed, I am not the best when it comes to posting food recipes on my blog but this one is so simple and quick, and perfect for summer refreshment 🙂 This is not because I don’t like it or feel to lazy, I simply always end up cooking by feeling and never know the exact measures 🙂 After many requests, here is a very simple and quick recipe for all of you who have sweet tooth but want their treats guilt-free 🙂


What do you need?


This quantity makes up for approximately 4 cupcakes. You need a couple of tasty and healthy ingredients to make this fantastic cupcakes. Here is a list of ingredients for the bottom part of this yummy:

– 1 cup of (gluten-free) oats1932

– 1 tbsp Almond butter (you can choose any other nut butter)

– 2 tsp Honey (or any vegan syrup)

– 2 tsp Coconut oil

– 1/2 Banana

– a dash of Cinnamon (entirely up to you)

– a couple of silicon moulds for cupcakes (silicon is easy to remove from after freezing)



And for the chocolate you’ll be needing:

– 1/2 cup raw Cacao powder

– 1 tbsp Honey

– 1 tbsp Coconut oil



The preptime for this is between 5 and 10 minutes which is absolutely fantastic. i often start making them while I’m making lunch – by the time lunch is done and eaten, the cupcakes are ready to eat (:image

How to make the cupcakes?


1. Mix up all of the ingredients for the base together. As I mentioned in the preface, I am not the best atimage measurements so if it is not sticky enough, add either more of a nut butter of your choice or syrup/honey.

2. Once that is done, melt coconut oil and stir it up with honey and cacao powder until the texture is very smooth.

3. Get your moulds ready (you can get creative with different shapes) and first add the base. I like to mash it with a spoon and usually fill up only halfway. You can fill it up completely 🙂


4. Then add the lovely homemade chocolate and a slice of Banana on top. Sometimes I like to add either some finely chopped nuts (almonds if I’m using Almond butter), coconut flower or simply nothing 🙂

5. Let the cupcake freeze for approximately 30-45 minutes and then …

6. Bite into that delicious, healthy and amazing cupcake and close your eyes to taste and feel the flavours. Mmmmm … Bonne appétit! 🙂


Here’s the video of me making these healthy yummies 🙂
Video recipe for raw vegan chocolate cupcakes

And voilà, that is all my dearest! I always very much enjoy making these cupcakes – my last bunch were with Elderflower honey 🙂 I hope you like, love and enjoy this amazing dessert as much as I do (: I will be happy to hear any of your comments, feedback and your versions of this recipe. Bonne appétit and type to you soon 🙂

“Stressed is desserts spelled backwards.” – Unknown


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