09 Aug #4 Review: Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

Dear all,

Today I found myself in the Dalston Eastern Curve garden that is so much more than just a garden. I found it so incredible wonderful and amazing that I just had to share my experience with you and hopefully more Londoners will come and visit this wonderful place.

image To start with, this is not just a garden. I didn’t know what to expect upon my arrival, since I was attending a herbal workshop for todays’ afternoon. I was just hoping to be able to find a toilet somewhere nearby and that was about it. Well guess what? They didn’t only have a toilet, there’s a nice bar where they’re selling drinks and some cakes and on top of that, they have the old school oven for baking pizzas which makes this wonderful meal even more amazing.imageOn the above photo you can see hat even some raindrops won’t spoil your evening. This is the bar from the inside. The path leads to various corners where you observe, enjoy and learn how to just be with the nature. From what I’ve seen so far, the most relaxing experience must be the bench between the lavender bushes. Amazing 🙂

You can see various plants and there you can even learn (if you wish to do so of course) about their names which is quite good for anyone who loves plants and medicinal herbs and wants to check and/or upgrade their knowledge.image



I took some photos for you to see what an incredible place this is; a peaceful place where you can grab a drink and sit underneath the trees and in plain view of herbal plants; be it enjoying some beers with friends, refreshing lemonade for this hot summer days and evenings or just sipping your herbal infusion. As you can see from the picture above, they also let you know when will they be closing the garden. Furthermore, I’ve seen a couple of rows with electric bulbs between the trees and your imagination can tell you it can be quite a romantic evening there 🙂 I can’t wait to visit it in the evening.


You can visit them on their website: http://dalstongarden.org/ and if I remember correctly it is more or less run by community and their strong support are volunteers. I saw an add there where they are searching for more people for Saturday afternoons. Just an idea if you have too much time on your hands, wish to spend some time in nature or just wish to try something new. And the address of the garden is: Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, 13 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF London

imageA couple of words about the workshop. It was organised by Gone Wild Herbs and they have various workshops, walks and evening session for all the herbies and those who is interested in the herbal medicine and today it was run by Sarah Gray and Rasheeqa Ahmad, both herbalists. It was a really nice experience since we got to share our experiences, knowledge and all in all, meet the like minded people. Today we were tasting, smelling and enjoying the medicinal plants that aid the digestive system. We got to make our own blend of tea with these herbs: Licorice, Mint, Calendula, Marshmallow root, Chamomile, Fennel seeds, Plantain and some others. This was so great for me, since I’ma  real tea lover and this was like shopping for a herbal tea in nature. In addition, we prepared and took home Meadowsweet vinegar which has many versatile uses, mainly for support of the digestive system and for rheumatism. I liked the workshop and will attend more of their events, since they are not only interesting but also financially affordable. You can visit them on their facebook page if you just type in Gone Wild Herbs.

That is briefly about my experience with Dalston garden and the Gone Wild Herbs. If you are still unsure about visiting this particular garden, let me just add a photo with a view I had during my lunch break (below). Do I need to add more? I was enjoying my lunch in peace and at the same time I was admiring the immune supporting Echinacea. To sum up, I believe it really is a wonderful contribution to the city jungle and a place where you actually relax and be one with the nature.


Take a quiet walk with mother nature. It will nurture your mind, body, and soul” – Anthony Douglas Williams

Type to you soon,