“Tina is amazing! When we first started working together our focus was on the mindset work I needed to get my coaching business started. From the start, I could tell she really hears her clients, is always encouraging, and puts her soul into her work. She had practical tools, resources, and exercises at the ready to suggest when appropriate.

As our relationship grew, the Universe had other plans for us, as I was thrust into a spiritual and emotional growth/healing phase pertaining to my relationship with my mother and my childhood. Tina took the shift in stride, and was immensely empathetic and supportive helping me work through acknowledging my pain.

She was forthcoming with reminding me to congratulate myself and acknowledge that I am doing hard work. Work that easily could get brushed aside as unnecessary, and isn’t for the faint of heart.

I am so blessed to have crossed paths with such a phenomenal coach!”


Christina Pedelty – Women’s Empowerment & Intentional Living Coach TheSustainableSoul

“Before my first session with Tina, I was facing a major decision. When I came to her, I was seeking clarity… and that was just what I found. I had asked the universe to send me someone or something that would help me process my decision- and Tina was an integral part of that. Her support, questioning and guidance helped me connect with my truth. She helped me realize that the feelings I was having were normal – I felt connected, heard and supported. Once we connected, I felt her support as she cheered along my wins and uplifted me where I had doubts. She recommended modalities of healing that I was unfamiliar with, but that truly made sense in my healing and expansion. I felt heard, authentically & completely.


But most of all, I felt that Tina was a part of my feeling like I could follow my heart, and follow my truth. I am so blessed to have connected with Tina.”



Chloe Evans – Energy Worker, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher ChloeAnneEvans

“I wanted to thank you for your help over the past 3 months Tina! I was in grieving process when we started, and I also wanted more time to develop my Reiki practice. You helped me to see in the good direction, to be more in peace, to take care of me, to love me and the consequences are that I left my job, started a new one with which i can have time to build my projects.

I am really happy about our work and simply for have met you ! I enjoyed to work with you, the attention you gave me during and between our sessions. I wanted to leave that word on Facebook because i think you can help a lot of person to open to themselves and be what they want.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!”

(Version française)

“Je voulais te remercier Tina pour ton aide ces 3 derniers mois. Au début de notre travail, j’étais en processus de deuil et me dégager du temps pour développer mon travail dans les énergies.

Tu m’as aidé à changer mes perspectives, à être plus en paix, à prendre plus soin de moi et surtout à m’aimer. Les conséquences étant le départ d’un job non épanouissant pour en trouver qui me permet de me dégager du temps pour mon travail en Reiki. Je suis très heureuse du travail que nous avons accompli et de tout simplement de t’avoir rencontré! J’ai aimé faire ce chemin avec toi, l’attention que tu m’as portée durant les sessions mais également au quotidien.

Je voulais laisser ce mot sur Facebook car tu peux aider de nombreuses personnes à s’ouvrir à elles-mêmes et à être qui elles souhaitent être.


Merci et à bientôt !”



Stéphanie B. – Reiki practitioner

“Tina displayed an intense interest in my business and asked focused questions to help me sort out my problems and priorities. Her expertise in wellness and online marketing were a perfect fit for me, as I had some issues with selling a heart-centered business. Although I believe in my products, it just seemed “wrong” to sell. Tina helped me to work through those issues and to formulate the ways in which I could sell my products with love and help my target audience to live a better life.


The biggest impact was that she helped me get “out of my head” and form a plan to address some issues that I was facing. She was able to make a number of excellent suggestions and took me in directions that I would not have considered without her help. As a result, I have a clearer understanding of the problems and a detailed list of steps to follow in order to move forward.


I would highly recommend her services to any struggling entrepreneur!”


Carol Garagan – Owner of MadLoveMeditation 

“Tina helped me make many life changing decisions, from moving to another country, to starting my own business. Her support during opening my first business has been remarkable! I could not recommend her better for personal growth and professional development.”


Luka Arh – Digital Illustration and Design Arhluka.com