14 Mar The Art of Letting Go

Hello my lovelies,

Today in #emotionaldetox (every Tuesday) I want to share this message about letting go – letting go of everything that you no longer need, which is dragging you down, making you miserable and hesitant in doing what you love to do.

The first step is to accept the current situation. We are afraid of accepting feelings and situations we don’t like because we think that this means we will never change our situation! But the thing is that once we accept what is, we relax and stop resisting.

This in turn creates the opportunity to release and let go of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. This step can be challenging, especially if you resist a lot and like to control situations and your life (me included !).

And lastly, trust in what’s coming. Trust, believe and take action!

I’m feeling super inspired 🙂 What other tips for living fully would you like to hear? Is there something in particular you are struggling with? I’d love to hear about it!

Sending you lots of love and good vibes,

Tina xx

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