13 Mar What If …

Hello my lovelies,

Another beautiful week is in front of us. And I want to give you one tip: What If you focused on the positive, instead of negative?

When someone says something, such as your boss, “Come to my office after lunch”, we have a tendency to immediately think of all of the things that could go wrong: You have all of the ‘What Ifs’ and are scaring yourself, thinking, “What if he’s going to fire me?” or “What if this is about the last week when I was late for work?”. Is this happening to you as well?

Did you ever count how many times that was actually true? How many times did yor worst fears come true. The number is surprisingly low! And yet, we keep terrorising ourselves and then we are super relieved when the news is not bad, but in fact good!

What if, you flip these questions to the opposite side and ask yourself “What if I’m getting a raise?” or “What if my boss is really pleased with the work that I do?”. We like to think of the negative side to avoid disappointment. But you know what is worse? Terrorising yourself and being paralysed by your fears that are not even real (in 90% or more cases!). You could save yourself a lot of stress, fear and instead build on joy, peace and inner serenity. How would that make you fell? Isn’t this much much better? And in turn, you can create and attract better things and people in your life 🙂

Try it today, and I would love to know how it made you feel 🙂 You are allowed to believe that you can go up, instead of down. That good things are going to happen to you, instead of bad things. Have fun with your ‘What if’ questions 🙂

Sending you lots of love and good vibes for the new week,


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