Would you like:

  • To be in the driver’s seat of your life?
  • Stand behind your choices without feeling guilty, embarassed, scared or ashamed?
  • Believe in yourself and your big dreams?
  • Finally feel free, enthusiastic and joyful?
  • Learn how to stop taking life so seriously so you can have more fun AND achieve your goals all the same time?
  • Learn how your mind and emotions affect your physicaly body?
  • Figure out what it is that you want and go after it unconditionally?
  • A likehearted YOLO community like no other?
  • 30 day adventure that will catapult you towards your dreams?

Are you fed up with:

  • Feeling scared?
  • Being unsure how you can get more out of life?
  • Being a slave of your negative thoughts and emotions?
  • Feeling stressed out, nervous and impatient?
  • Feeling guilty whenever you say ‘No’ to someone?
  • Feeling like a victim of the outside circumstances?
  • Sabotaging yourself from the life of your dreams and big goal?

It’s time and you know it.

It’s time you write that book.

Travel the world.

Create something that sets your soul on fire and quit the lame job that’s unfulfilling.

Quit toxic relationships with people that don’t appreciate and love you for you.

It’s time you start living your life FOR you.

It’s time you go after your dreams.

And because timing will never be just right. Or perfect. And you will never feel ready.

And before you know it, you’re gonna wake up at 65, wondering how on Earth did life pass by you.


Regreting everything you kept saying you will do “one day.


Starting your sentences with “I wish I …”

Well, it’s real simple and you can change that!

You get to live a fulfilling life.

A life of joy, happiness, excitedness, playfulness, unconditional love, like hearted people and you get to live your purpose.

You get to do that just because you are alive. Period.

And I can teach you how to do that and how to get where you want to go.

But all you gotta do, is join us if you feel called.

Why? Because YOLO.

And so that you can say sentences like “I can’t believe I did that!” and “Oh well!

Get your gorgeous booty in, if:

 You don’t know how to listen to yourself without feeling guilty AF!

 You’re fed up with pleasing everyone but yourself

 You have no idea what you want, but you do know you want something more and that you’re not happy

 You want to open a business/move somewhere/finish that book aka any other gigantic dreams of your, but you can’t seem to move forward on your own

 You want to overcome your crippling fears and anxiety

 You want to listen to yourself so badly, but you think that you just don’t have it in you

 You have these lame stories that are keeping you from wanting to go after your gigantic dreams:

     “Who the fuck are YOU to pull this off??”
     “You can’t do that!?”
     “This is impossible!!”
     “This is waaay too risky!! You should stick to your (lame) job !”
     “You’re not good enough!”
     “You suck!”
     “What do you know about having a business / being a writer / moving somewhere / ___________ (insert your dream)?”
     “No one will ever love you!”
     “Are you crazy?!? What are THEY gonna say??”

What you’ll learn in the YOLO Bootcamp:

 To shift the lame stories that are keeping you stuck, such as “I’m not good enough to do this.” You’ll put them in their place. No longer will you allow them to run or drive your life anymore. Nope. Not on your fucking watch.
 To master your mind, and not let it master you.
 To listen to your heart unapologetically, without feeling guilty for pissing someone close to you (aka you’ll start pleasing yourself)
 To distinguish between what you think you “should” do, and what your heart is telling you to do (your intuition)
 You’ll learn how to deal with crippling fears and anxiety
 How to trust and have faith
 To shift your perception so you will at all times be able to do what is for your highest good (and not what someone says you should do, or what you think is the right thing to do)
 To accept yourself and your ginormous dreams 🙂
 To deal with the negative emotions that are draining and overwhelming you
 How to have loads of FUUUUN!
Yolo bootcamp with Tina Suklje

Who is Tina Suklje? 🙂

 Healed myself of a ton of diseases, several times (back pain, chronic bronchitis, and chronic gastritis included!)!
 Left a violent relationship and attracted my soul mate.
 Accepted myself fully and as a result, quit relationships with people that were toxic.
 For the first time in my life, I started feeling free and relaxed!
 Healed my depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.
 Started loving and believing in myself.
 From Criminal Justice expert, I became a Mentor and Teacher for gorgeous souls like you, so that you too can transform your life by listening to your voice.
 Moved around Europe because I felt like it: to France, UK, back to France and then back to my home country!
So love, who are you gonna be when you’re older?


The person who starts their stories with “I wish …“, or “OMG, I can’t believe I did that!“?


The choice is yours.

What you get in the YOLO Bootcamp:

 A short video (up to 10 minutes) every single day into your inbox for 30 days straight 🙂


Enrollment is currently closed. You can join my Fb group until it re-opens 🙂


Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Coaching with Tina Suklje Heal yourself


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