Tina Suklje



Thank you for stopping by! I’ve got so much to share with you, so I’ll just start. My biggest and most profound working experience in the field of bio and organic foods has been in Whole Foods Market in London. As you may know, if you are in the bio industry, this is an American giant in bio and organic products, that is also huge in the UK and Canada.
I got my valuable experiences in other stores around Europe as well, and since I am so deeply passionate about this field (and since I can’t seem to stop shopping there), I started collaborating with smaller local business, first in the UK, then in France.


My main specialty was to help the lovely business be more visible through organizing and leading events, such as workshops, promotions and seminars, of everything healthy: from foods, supplements, aromatherapy, and especially herbal preparations (me being a herbalist). This way the potential customer and client got lots of value and I never really believed in the typical salesy approach. The point, after all, was to gain customers that will keep on coming back. Because now they had someone who knew what they were talking about and could actually give them a solid advice.


Another most common thing I did with the wonderful businesses was to help them be more visible online as well. I was their social media, and would sometimes even create the content for blogs or ideas for videos. Visibility online today plays a much bigger role then it did just a couple of years ago, and especially if you want to have younger clients and customers, you do have to adapt to a certain extent. For me, being visible online is my job and the way I live my life, so it’s really a second nature.


Interested in collaborating with me and hiring me as your business coach? Contact me on contact@tinasuklje.com and let’s do this together. 🙂