Hey hey gorgeous soul,

It’s Tina! I’m an overachiever, myths breaker, master of doing the impossible, I’m completely into spirituality, crystals, card decks and unicorns, travel junkie, life and animal lover, professional badass and I go boldly after my “crazy” dreams. Even after everyone tells me no way I can do that or that it’s “too hard”. I am here to show you that it’s only impossible until it’s done.

But you see, I know that’s not true. Because I’ve done it a gazillion times! I’ve conquered the so called impossible so many times, and I literally trained myself how to overcome my limitations and fears, and this is something that I am super passionate and enthusiastic about! 🙂 Because I want to tell you this: you CAN do anything! It doesn’t matter how you can do that. The only thing that matters is what you want and going after it. Here’s some of the “impossible” things I’ve done:

 I was in a violent relationship and turned it around so much, that I feel blessed it happened: because if it weren’t for it, I would never have this mission of helping thousands of women how to love and accept themselves again!

 So far (!) I’ve lived in 5 European countries and I speak 4 languages fluently.

 I opened my business abroad when I wasn’t even fluent in the language and was peeing my pants doing it until I mastered the language

 I healed a shit ton of chronic and acute diseases that have been with me for years, some over a decade. Most of them included healing foods and other natural goodies, but all of them included complete mind shifts and healing my emotional wounds.

 Changed my career from Criminal Justice Expert to a Mindset Coach

 Taught myself how to overcome anxiety and depression

 Learnt how to trust and love myself

 Went from a total control freak to someone who trusts her intuition completely. I literally move to different countries, based on my intuition and where the heart is calling me to go. Now the real mastery is tuning in and actually going for it.

And last year I flew to the States to the UPW with Tony Robbins and I walked on fire (and this year I’m doing it again, wooohooo!)

And all of this I teach to my bold and amazing Goddess clients! So many things I had to learn the hard way because I was stubborn and wanted to do everything on my own. Until I saw that having a coach doesn’t mean that they will do the work instead of me. They just guided me and kept me accountable, so I didn’t lose my focus and had a ton of support when I needed to heal certain wounds. And the same goes for you: you’re not weak for wanting support. I mean, I was working with my first coach for 3 months and I achieved things that I would need to do alone for at least couple of years!

So my mission to help you is bigger than anything else! My mission to show the world where the root cause of all and any illness is, needed to be shared with the world. My experiences of healing my back pain and sciatica in mere 3 days, after there was no other solution … Well this one was a turning point for me and made me decide that I will be a coach. Because if I can do that, then holy shit, what else am I capable of doing? What else can I achieve? Anything, my love. Anything.

So if you are searching for that someone to show you how on earth to overcome your chattery mind, your deepest fears, and how to go after your “crazy” dream, then you just found her. You can contact me via e-mail: contact@tinasuklje.com or find me on social media and have a chat with me. I would love to get to know you and I can’t wait to meet you!! 🙂


I love you, Tina

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