Do you feel helpless when it comes to your body?


Do you feel like crap and have zero energy?


Are you tired of being tired?


Do you believe you can never go after your dreams because of your disease(s)?


Do you feel lonely AF because this condition is keeping you locked away from friends and social interactions?


If you’re here, then I know you’ve tried it all.


You probably have some, or a lot of experiences with different diseases, or just one that won’t go away. Or maybe you took a ton of tests but ‘everything was fine’, yet you’re still in pain. Physical or emotional, or worse, both. Without energy to do anything.


That’s how I felt, years ago. I thought I was the only one. I was going crazy!


Even my family started calling me ‘hypochondriac’ asking wtf was wrong with me.


But  I turned it around, and I HEALED myself! Do you know what that means? That you can do it too, and unlike me, you don’t have to do it alone!


I want to show you how you too can heal from the inside out.


I have created this Membership for YOU, love.

Just imagine this for a second, love.


What would it mean for you to have all of that extra energy? Energy to go around, jump, work out, energy to thrive?


What if you can finally figure out the REAL reason behind the imbalance in your body?


No longer just treating the symptoms and ignoring the root cause.


Accepting and loving yourself. UNCONDITIONALLY. Right now.


Being surrounded and supported by other amazing people who, just like you, want to heal from the inside out.


No longer feeling like an outsider and a weirdo.


Having freedom. Answers to the questions you’ve been asking for several months, years, or even decades.


Feeling HEARD. Feeling like you belong. Judgment-free zone: only love, support, guidance, fun, and transformation.


Having control over your body, your thoughts and how you feel.


No more of insecurity and uncertainty. Only clarity, healing and inner power.


Feeling empowered, because you will learn that you CAN have control of your health and your life!


Imagine having ALL the tools to no longer struggle physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


You’ll finally be able to do what you’ve been dreaming of:

traveling around the world. Working out.  Having a family. Going out with your friends. Anything else that you desire.


It’s a fab side effect of joining this Membership 🙂

Why is this THE Membership for you?
This is SO much more than *just* a membership. It is a community. Together we are creating a movement.


Each month includes:


 A different topic that affects your health and your body (such as mindset, different emotions etc.)


 Workshop on this topic, which is only available for the Members


 The science behind the claims: for instance, how and why is meditation good for your health, and why anger isn’t helping you heal


 A ton of practical tips, techniques, tools and meditations relating to the monthly topic


 A suuuper inspiring LIVE interview with another badass self-healer, author and speaker in this field (we already have some of the Hay House authors as speakers!)


 Private Fb group for all members to connect, talk and be there for each other


 Book of the month: each month we will be talking about a different book that will open up your mind about healing from the inside out


 As long as you are a member, you can access this content at any time and rewatch all the workshops and interviews


 My unconditional love, support and access to my knowledge and self-healing skills in the Fb group


 25% discount to all of my services, including my 1:1 coaching packages and courses


 Posts in the Fb group: because the more you are surrounded by all of this information, the more it sinks down into your subconscious just how powerful you are and what is possible for you, the quicker you are going to become your own badass healer.
A free access to my bigass mindbody database: 6 years of my research and experiences + content of the best books, events, and courses in the mind-body field that helped to heal over a million people worldwide all in one place (and I’m adding to this list all the time)


 Private Fb group (priceless $$)


 We will have a draw each month where one Member will have a free 30 minute 1:1 session with me where I will focus just on her <3 (current price is 133€ / $150 / 115GBP / $210AUD)
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach

Hey hey love,


I’m Tina: personal development junkie, obsessed with Unicorns, life lover, and a multiple self-healer. I used to be sick all the literally (literally from the moment I was born!), and until I fell completely apart, feeling helpless, like crap and totally powerless, did I discover that I can turn this around. Anyone can turn it around! The following are just some of the bodily imbalances (besides being totally depressed and anxious at all times):

 a ton of acute diseases,

 a decade of multiple chronic illnesses, such as bladder and kidney infections, dermatitis etc.

 auto immune diseases,


 a benign tumor,

 a ton of ‘mysterious pains’



back pains and sciatica



I cracked when I had such severe sciatica and back pain that I had to be hospitalized – all of that was in my early 20s, just before I was supposed to fly to Paris for an internship. To say I was devastated is a complete understatement!


I felt so lonely on my journey and by this point, I didn’t believe any longer I could live the life of my dreams. Or walk. Or live a life without pain, drugs and medical tests.

I healed my back pain and sciatica!


I healed a decade worth of chronic illnesses that were sucking the life out of me!


Because of everything that I learnt and teach in this programme, I was able to travel and live in over 5 countries in Europe, I speak 4 languages fluently and have over achieved my dreams. On top of that, I do what I LOVE and have helped SO many women already and with this Membership I can reach SO many.


I did a ton of inner work, and I learnt how to make my mind work FOR me.


I started doing my research. I read a ton of books. Just last year alone I attended 4 live events around the world, a ton of courses, worskshops and hire top shit coaches. This year I attended my second Tony Robbins event and I am a guest speaker at several conferences and retreats this year, and I am just starting!


It’s been over 5 years now and I have SO much knowledge and experiences that I just have to share with you! I want to create a community for you. A place where you are accepted, loved, supported and understood. A freaking movement.

And my transformation inspired me to create this membership as I can’t stand on the side, waiting with ALL of this knowledge and experiences and watch other amazing women struggle. If you’re still reading this, I know that you need to join us. For YOU.


Why? Because YOLO! (You Only Live Once)


Why waste your precious life struggling, in pain, and suffering, when everything you ever wished for is possible? And I won’t hold anything behind – I share EVERYTHING with you. For 6 that’s a TON of knowledge and experiences 🙂

Coaching with Tina Suklje Heal yourself
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Coaching with Tina Suklje Heal yourself
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Enrollment for the Membership is currently closed.


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