04 Jan New Year, New Workshops :)

Hi lovelies,

Did you have a nice entry of 2017? 🙂 Every New Year is like a fresh, unwritten book with empty pages. Waiting to be filled with incredible journeys, adventures and unforgettable moments. 🙂 I’m already writing my book and it is super fun! 🙂

To start of fresh this year and to support your health and well-being, I organised my monthly workshops. These are based in Bordeaux, France, but I’m making arrangements for online workshops as we speak. This way you’ll be able to see the techniques, get the recipes and support your body with everything nature has to offer 🙂


7th January: Immune supporting Syrup (V)

A delicious and super healing Elderberry syrup with other healing yummies is one of the most powerful herbal remedies to support your immune system. It will fight off cold, flu and support you through these winter months. To participate in this event, click here.


14th January: Floating Candles Workshop (V)

Floating candles are always a sensation as they are so relaxing, soothing and romantic.  We will be making them with non GMO soy wax with some natural ornaments (no colourings, perfumes etc.). All in all, a super natural gift that every woman and many men would love 🙂 To participate in this event, click here.


21st January: Lavender Lotion for your Face and Body (V)

Cream making and skin care products are always the best way to treat your body and your skin. The lotion that we will be making contains only natural ingredients, is suitable for any skin type and smells amaaazing 🙂 To participate in this event, click here.


That’s my January’s program for local workshops and I can’t wait to do all of this with you guys! It is a big step towards natural, chemical-free and organic treats for your body that will enhance your health on every level. And what’s good for your body, will very often prove to be very good for your mind as well (such as relaxing Lavender lotion).

Type to you soon with more good news,


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