It’s Tina: a badass mentor and teacher, overachiever, myths breaker, self-healer, master of doing the impossible, self-proclaimed Goddess, travel junkie, life and animal lover, professional badass and going-boldly-after-every-single-“crazy”-dream Goddess.


I do this even after everyone tells me no way I can do that or that it’s “too hard”.


And how I came to do that? I learnt to LISTEN to MYSELF.


Only myself, no one else.


And because I started to listen to myself UNCONDITIONALLY, I:
 Healed myself of a ton of diseases, several times (back pain, chronic bronchitis, and chronic gastritis included!)!
 Left a violent relationship and attracted my soul mate.
 Accepted myself fully and as a result, quit relationships with people that were toxic.
 For the first time in my life, I started feeling free and relaxed!
 Healed my depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.
 Started loving and believing in myself.
 From Criminal Justice expert, I became a Mentor and Teacher for gorgeous souls like you, so that you too can transform your life by listening to your voice.
 Moved around Europe because I felt like it: to France, UK, back to France and then back to my home country!
WHY? Because why the fuck not?
I only get to live once. And by living it according to my wantings and rules, I get to live the best life – my life. I get to be ME.


And love, you get to be YOU. No one else is gonna be you.


I got really honest with myself and started living my life the one and only right way:


I started living MY life, for ME. No one else.


Don’t let another month, year, or even a decade, being someone you’re not.
Every single thing in every area of my life changed, and you know which one was the best?


I actually feel fulfilled. I feel happy and joyful!


I have a mission and a purpose now.


And that’s simply just by being me, without trying to be like someone else.


Love, it is your birth right to listen to yourself, and just be you.


You are magnificent just as you are.
Get your gorgeous booty in, if:
 You don’t know how to listen to yourself without feeling guilty AF!
 You’re fed up with pleasing everyone but yourself
 You have no idea what you want, but you do know you want something more and that you’re not happy
 You want to open a business/move somewhere/finish that book aka any other gigantic dreams of your, but you can’t seem to move forward on your own
 You want to overcome your crippling fears and anxiety
 You want to listen to yourself so badly, but you think that you just don’t have it in you
 You have these lame stories that are keeping you from wanting to go after your gigantic dreams:
“Who the fuck are YOU to pull this off??”
“You can’t do that!?”
“This is impossible!!”
“This is waaay too risky!! You should stick to your (lame) job !”
“You’re not good enough!”
“You suck!”
“What do you know about having a business / being a writer / moving somewhere / ___________ (insert your dream)?”
“No one will ever love you!”
“Are you crazy?!? What are THEY gonna say??”
It’s time and deep down you know it.


It’s time you write that book. Travel the world. Find something that sets your soul on fire and quit the lame job. Quit toxic relationships with people that don’t appreciate and accept you.


It’s time you start living your life FOR you.


It’s time you go after your dreams.
And because the time will never be good!


It was never a good time for me to move. I never had the *perfect* amount of money. I was never healthy enough, successful enough to be a coach. I was never *enough*.


So that’s why I just decided one day, that if I keep going like this, one day I’ll wake up at 84 and still won’t be ready and *good enough*.


So I just started doing. What I loved, what set my soul on fire, and along the way learnt to really trust my heart and to listen myself, and then took massive action.


Every. Single. Fucking. Time.
What you’ll learn in the *YOLO Bootcamp*:
 To shift the lame stories that are keeping you stuck, such as “I’m not good enough to do this.” You’ll put them in their place. No longer will you allow them to run or drive your life anymore. Nope. Not on your fucking watch.
 To master your mind, and not let it master you.
 To listen to your heart unapologetically, without feeling guilty for pissing someone close to you (aka you’ll start pleasing yourself)
 To distinguish between what you think you “should” do, and what your heart is telling you to do (your intuition)
 You’ll learn how to deal with crippling fears and anxiety
 How to trust and have faith
 To shift your perception so you will at all times be able to do what is for your highest good (and not what someone says you should do, or what you think is the right thing to do)
 To accept yourself and your ginormous dreams 🙂
 To deal with the negative emotions that are draining and overwhelming you
 How to have loads of FUUUUN!
Yolo bootcamp with Tina Suklje
Ready to master YOUR mind, so it doesn’t master and manipulate you? 


Want to do this with me, master of achieving the impossible and professional self-listener? 🙂
What you get in this Badass Bootcamp:
 A short video (up to 5 minutes) every single day into your inbox for 30 days 🙂


 A private Fb group where I’ll answer your questions and coach you for the duration of the Bootcamp (30 days from the day you’ve enrolled). There we’ll grow together, overcome fears together, make your mind work for you, clean up the negative emotions and we’ll have a ton of FUN! This to make sure you stay on track and for a ton of accountability – so you know you are not alone <3 I’ll be popping in the group every single day to answer your questions and support you AF.


 The Bootcamp is held online, so you can access it from literally anywhere (and that’s the whole beauty of it) <3 
Enrollment for this badass bootcamp is currently closed, but you can get on the Waitlist and be notified the second the doors open:
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Tina Suklje testimony life coach
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp
Coaching with Tina Suklje Heal yourself
Working with Tina Suklje YOLO Bootcamp


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